Victorious (76th Hunger Games)

Rick Brady lives in District 6 and is not that skilled,but he might be reaped for the Hunger Games,which include past contests such as Finnick Odair,Katniss Everdeen,Glimmer,Clove,Peeta and Enobaria.

Haymitch comes back as a mentor again in this story

Chapter 1

Reaping Day

I finished up my goat milk porridge and went outside and sniffed up the steam coming from the train passing by,children weren't running around as they usually do as they were filled with animosity,today was reaping day a day in Panem where the kids feel like committing suicide,but why would they,because when they get to the Hunger Games they might probably die in the bloodbath. I went over to the Auto Shop where my sister was helping my brother fix a car,she's 16,my age and my brother is 17,"You two seem calm about today"I said sitting on a couch "This is our way of expressing fear"my sister Alice sneered "And of expressing excitement"my brother Liam laughed,I gave him an awkward look,"Mom sent me over to get you guys to dress for the reaping"I said "I don't wanna go"my brother said "its suicide"my sister added on,after a bit of bickering I convinced them to come,we walked on the gravel road and a tall apple tree stood high,this could be useful to sneak into the games I thought to myself,I grabbed a plastic bag rolling around like a tumble weed,my sister rushed over and stuffed some in her pocket "how do we sneak these past the Peacekeepers at the searching terminals?"my sister asked "don't know"I responded,my brother was strolling in front of us we caught up to him and finally reached our home,my mom was mourning on the couch,I shoved my brothers in their rooms to get changed and I sat on the couch and scooted over to my mom "What's wrong mom?"I asked wiping a tear away from her eye "its just I might lose a child due to this ruthless competition,I had won once"she cried "what!"I shouted "I might lose a child due to this ruthless competition?"my mom repeated "No,you said you had won the Hunger Games once!"I screamed,at that moment I screamed that out my brother and sister came bursting through their doors wearing their white clothes,"You did what now?"my sister asked "Sorry kids,but reaping starts in 15 minutes"my mom said,I went to change into my clothes.

15 Minutes Later

The whole field we usually use for hockey,was now rebuilt with a stage and special chairs for games makers,peacekeepers took away my apples and forced us into lines,I waved at my friend Timothy Lamb who was cringing,Effie Trinket went came onto the stage and started speaking "District 6,what a beautiful district,happy Hunger Games and just to ask who knows why the Hunger Games started in the first place?"she asked,silence hit the crowd "I knew no one knew,this is why!"she shouted pressing a mini VCR remote,a huge presentation played on about a war that destroyed District 13 and all that stuff,"Now ladies first"Effie said "The girl tribute for District 6 is... Gillian Baxter!"she said pulling out a strip of paper from a fish bowl,an average brunette girl walked confidently up and introduced herself,I've seen her before,we have actually built a kayak once,when we were maybe 6,"Now for the last tribute for District 6,his name is...Rick Brady!"she said "Rick?",I walked up slowly and glanced over at Timothy whose eyes were filled with relief,my mom broke down and Peacekeepers lifted her out of the field "Mom!"I shouted,I finally reached the stage and looked at Effie and Gillian "Now you two shake hands"Effie ordered,we both shook hands and smiled at each other,"Now come on let's go to the Visitors Room"Effie said leading us off the stage,I gave one look at my brother and sister and was out of sight.

Visitors Room

I sat down in the closed down,brown wall and no window room,I was cold and chilly,especially now that I know I might die,Peacekeepers opened the door and let my mom come in,I jumped up and gave her a hug then I whispered "Where are Alice and Liam?"I asked "they were taken away by peacekeepers"mom said "Okay,I love you"I said "Me too and I have something to tell you,about your father he-"she was cut off by the loud sound of peacekeepers bursting through the door and taking her away "He what!"I shouted,but the door shut my question in,I sat down and Gillian came in,"We should help each other and pretend to be a couple to get sponsors"she suggested "Already?"I asked,"Yes"she said,we glanced at the top corner of the room and saw a camera.

President Coins dialogue

"They are looking into the camera"Coin laughed,"What may they be thinking"Peacekeeper #1 said "Maybe they think they're already on TV"Peacekeeper #2 joked "Kill them"Coin ordered "Plant tracker-jackers everywhere!"he said.

Back In Rick's World
"Maybe Coin is watching us"I said,Gillian took out a knife and threw it at the camera "Not anymore"she said,Effie came in and took us to a train they will take us to the games,we got on and helped ourselves to some turkey legs and stuffed chicken,a scruffy man with blonde hair walked in carrying a beer bottle,I glanced at him "What?"he asked "Aren't you Haymitch?"I asked "Yes,oh yes I have to mentor you guys,well rule number 1: Never make alliances with careers"he said grabbing a slice of toast "Who are they?"I asked "People from District 1,2 and 4"Gillian answered "Bingo!"Haymitch shouted "How do you know so much about the games?"I asked her "Long story"she said "I've got time Effie said sitting down with a cup of tea,but the train had already arrived in the Capitol,the crowds howled and cheered as we entered the gates I waved and Gillian just looked,"Now children go change for the parade"Haymitch ordered us as the train took a detour.

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