Kidnapped (GURLZ ONLY)

Your gonna be kidnapped!!!

Chapter 1

Friday night

by: Missia
You come from school feeling exhausted from school
it's Friday night so tomorrow no school
You have a shower and get dressed into your pjs
You look at your clock and find out that its 9:00pm
You go outside and sit on your swing and then you feel something bump your head
You find yourself in a bag
And in a car
tied up
with a gag in you mouth
You hear voices
"Good job Monte She's a real hottie"
"Thanks Joe"
"Here we are home sweet home"
they are boys
You are carried out of the car and taken into the house
they take you out the bag
"Hey Joe look she's awake"
"Really, ha"
Monte takes the gag out of your mouth
they look 15 years old
"Let me go" You say
"Very original just like in batman or Ben ten" Joe says
"Hey your about 14 right?" Monte asks "I'm Monte"
"And I'm Joe"
"I'm __" You say "Why have you kidnapped me?!"
"Well-" Joe starts to say
"Oh what are you doing?!" A boy comes through the door You recognise him from school his the cuteness boy at school--Beau Smith
"We're doing what we always do on Friday night little brother" says Monte
"Well I just went to the supermarket so what do you want for dinner?" Asks Beau
"Mmmm scrabbled eggs and bacon, Okay?" says Joe
"Yep sounds good" says Monte
"OK" Says Beau while he leaves the room
"Umm" You say
Joe and Monte look at you
"Why have you kidnapped me"
"Oh right well Me and Monte just felt like it and you know I think you lucky" says Joe
"How?" You ask
"You'll see" says Monte then he winks at you
"Would you do the honour of untying me?" You ask
"Shore" Joe says
He unties you
"Dinners ready" Beau yells from the kitchen
"Come on ____ dinners ready" Monte says
You go in the kitchen
the eggs and bacon smell great
you eat up "Its delicious" you say
"Thanks" Beau says
He is so cute!!! You think
After dinner they show you your room
"Good night" Says Joe
"Night" says Monte
"Sweet Dreams" says Beau
"Bye" You say
That night you slept great


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