Connie's Man

The Doctor visits Connie and craziness ensures

Chapter 1

The Man Of My Dreams...Literally

I sat up. I was in my bed at home.
'Ug, that was an off dream' I said quietly to myself as I stood up and started to brush my long auburn hair.
'I mean, a space alien! Taking me on adventures?! You've got to kidding me' I went on as I walked in my too big green long sleeved shirt and long light blue p.j. bottoms. I went over to the kitchen quietly just in case my roommate was still asleep. Of course not.

There she was, sitting on the table with her feet on a chair eating cereal. She was wearing yellow sweat pants and a pink short sleeved tee.
"Alex! Why are you up? It's supposed to be your rest day.You know, the one day of the week Ms. Parkins lets you get off work." I reprimanded.
"It's not my fault I like early Monday mornings, Connie." She said, swinging off the wood table and over to the counter. lex was always so perky pop and awake while I was a bit more rock and sleep. I rolled my eyes at her swinging blonde hair vanished down the hall. Then I quickly poured myself a bowl of Frosted Flakes and sat down.

My long legs were propped on the chair across from mine and my green eyes blanked over as I remembered the dream I had had that night. It was almost like a series. Night after night, I would dream of an alien Doctor who took me away from my ordinary life and showed me the most spectacular things I could ever dream of. Every morning I would wake up disappointed and go off to work.

That reminded me, I was probably late. As usual. I got up and walked back to my bedroom searching for a good outfit. I decided on a red short sleeves t-shirt to work with my small chest and flat stomach with a jean vest and dark wash jeans shorts that would look great with my legs. Haha. I also grabbed my little leather satchel to go on my shoulder and quickly stepped into my red hi tops with their regular white laces. Wow. I was all match-matchy and put together today. I am now officially proud of my monday.

Running out the door, I hoped Miss Jenn wouldn't be mad that I was late. Again. I went up to Milford Library and walked through the doors. An instant hush came over my ears. The library was always too quiet. I preferred loud rock music and boppy beats. Not whispered conversations and the sounds of flipping book pages. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love reading and books, it's just so boring to be in almost complete silence everyday, all day. I fast-walked up to the information booth and sat down right before Miss Jenn came around the corner.

"Don't think I didn't see that Connie Clears. You are late again." She said as loudly as allowed in a library.
"Sorry Miss Jenn. It won't happen again!" I said smiling with my pearly whites. We both knew I was lying. I was always late. Since it was late June and I had all summer to look forward to this amazing minimum wage job, I tried not to get on her bad side. I did say try. I wasn't very good at it.

That September, I was going to attend the local community college and I was already loving the freedom of being eighteen and living without my parents and with Alex.
'It would only get better from here' I had to remind myself over and over again. As I got comfortable in the swivel chair behind a neat little desk, a man walked in. This obviously wasn't abnormal but on a Monday morning in June, there were very few people here. Just summer schoolers, over-achievers, and a reader or two. This man though, he just seemed different.

He was tall, with poofy hair that you just couldn't resist imagining tousling, and awesome eyes. They seemed so sad and weary yet alive with excitement and full of knowledge. I couldn't tell you what color they were, they kept changing and there didn't seem to be a name for them in the English language. Or any language for that matter.
He wore a long trench coat, a pinstriped suit, and a tie. Also, he wore cream colored hi top sneakers. Good fashion statement. He wandered up to me and stood before the desk.

"May I help you?" I asked because of Miss Jenn's policy to always be as polite as possible.
"Actually yes, you can. Do you know anyone by the name of Connie Clears? She's supposed to be working here over the summer." He asked, leaning forward. I leaned towards him, putting my elbows on the desk.
"Yes, I do. I am Connie, can I help you?" I asked, a bit bewildered that he was looking for me specifically. I had never seen him before. He looked me up and down and smiled.

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