A Nick J Love Story 29

Here is the next part hope you like it (:

Chapter 1

The Date

So I woke up the next morning at about 10 and I check my phone and saw I had a text from Nick
Nick- cant wait for today. I'm gunna be there around 12
that meant I had about 2 hours to get ready. I wouldn't dress up that nicely since it was just Nick. so I got up and ate and then showered. By then it was 11:30 and so I started getting ready and I put on a T-Shirt, skinny jeans, and some converse and I put my hair up and it was around 11:45 so I just watched TV and waited. after a couple minutes of watching tv the doorbell rang and so I got up and opened the door and it was Joe. I was really confused. "umm Joe what are you doing here? Nick said he was picking me up." he laughed and said "I know. he changed everything and made me come and get you" "oh okay well lets go!" so we got in his car and I asked where we were going and all Joe said was " Elizabeth I don't even know exactly where we are going." We were in the car for awhile and when we stopped we were at this building. Joe and I looked and each other and then walked into the building and found out it was a movie theater/ restaurant and I found Nick and Joe left. I hugged Nick and he led me into the restaurant and we sat down and we talked and laughed and then we saw and movie and we decided to see a scary movie and a couple times during the movie I had to hide in Nick's chest. After the movie we walked to the car and in the car Nick asked "So Elizabeth did you have a good time?" I smiled at him and said "yeah Nick I actually did thanks." so we got to my house eventually and he walked me up to the front door and he said "Elizabeth I had a wonderful time with you tonight." he smiled and then he said "well it's kinda late so I guess I should get home." he hugged me and then kissed me on the cheek. and then said goodnight and left. I walked inside and slid down against the door and just smiled cuz I had felt that spark I used to feel with him. hopefully tomorrow I could maybe talk to Joe about it or Kevin. I went up to my room and went to sleep with a smile on my face.

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