See It Every Day

See It Every Day

Okay, this is for Rachel's Club's first challenge! I put it in poem form because...... I just did. Reasons are for people with reasons.... which isn't me.

Comment if you see this too or if you don't or if you agree in any way or disagree any way.

Chapter 1

I See It Every Day

They say to stand up
Don't just sit there and watch
But I see it every day
Yeah I see it every day

Walking down the hallway
Hearing "Hey idiot, hey fool!"
No one seems to know what to do
Don't know just what to do

Kicking, pushing, shoving
Laughing, yelling, pointing
Crying, dying
Falling, over and over

I see it every day
But I won't close my eyes
I'll stop the words, let's end this hurt
Pick you up when you fall

I don't want to see it anymore



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