Butterflies (poem)

Written on: 10/15/12
Uploaded on: 10/20/12

Another one of my school poems. I had to "explode the moment". Ever heard of that? This poem is more calm than the ones I write but I hope you like it. :)

Chapter 1


by: Carrie_
Little butterflies float in the breeze,
Little butterflies dance in the wind.
Gentle creatures we gaze in awe,
Gentle creatures we yet to catch.
Wondrous things that have caught our eye.
We see beauty and grace.
We see color and wonder.
Some see fear and horror.
Why can't they see?
See the light it shines?
Is it because of their eyes?
Butterflies are not harmful.
Butterflies are not scary.
The ones who cannot see will someday look with their eyes and wonder with their heart.
Butterflies are a work of art and a piece of serenity.
Calm and peaceful as they come,
calm and peaceful as they go.
Smiles and miracles they bring,
Sadness and loneliness as they leave.
Little butterflies float in the wind,
Little butterflies dance in our minds.


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