Today I feel sailorish!

Chapter 1


So today I went on a field trip for my environmental club, we went on a boat ride on the river.
I was wearing my striped shirt and jeans...(yes my Louis Tomlinson outfit xD)
I got to..

Hoist a 3,000 pound sail (and sang a sailor song but I forgot it xD)

I spent the trip with a group, with one of the crew members Sam. (He's HOT)

I met two new friends.

I kept laughing the whole way because the crew members are so funny.

We learned the history of the river.

I learned how to make square knots (we didn't have enough time to learn others)

and the best part of them all...

I GOT TO DOCK THE BOAT!! (With the group of course) It was so much fun and it was raining it felt like I was in some sort of movie!! xD

The weirdest part...

The captain smelled like whiskey and steak but he wasn't drunk...

The trip was awesome!
And I feel like a sailor xD
I can take riding/ docking a boat out of my bucket list! :D


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