Cachè Rose (A Orginal Story)

Cachè Rose (A Orginal Story)

Circelain always lead a hard life. A dangerous, exciting, deadly life. She lived in the shadows. Spun and wove lies and secrets. One mistake has her life in even more danger. She must throw away all of her covers and her identity. She can make one last cover. A permanent one. If she loses this one only one thing can happen.... death.
Rose must now stay hidden. Battling with herself, her identity, her old life, old covers, and love she threatens to destroy herself. Circelain must become nobody.

Chapter 2

Cobrindo Com Uma Doenca

Circelain sat woke up grogily. She really hated those darts. They distorted her mind, loosened her tounge, and they hurt!

I must be dreaming or dead, Circelain thought. I'm in pure clean air! On a horse. With a..... "Xavier" Circelain asked warily. "Shhhh" Xavier hushed her. "I'm Paul". At that Circelain noticed her clothes. Subonian peasant clothes. And her hair... her dark, lovely, beautiful, long hair was now cut short and dyed a horrible blond color that most Subons had.

"What is my name" Circelain asked. Circelain now spoke in the rough dialect of Subon instead of the meledious, beautiful, rich tone of Isamona. Isamona was a place filled with beauty. Subon was a practical place. Beauty was all but banned here. She had heard stories of a child whipped for humming.

Paul was now shocked by Circelain's sudden change of voice. He liked her voice but it was necessary. But mostly he didn't understand how Circelain could speak the harsh peasant dialect. The nobles speach was slightly less gruff but not by a lot. Subons didn't mess around with pretty thoughts and words. They where impractical and full of desception. Polietness was only a lie in pretty packaging.

But Circelain was from Isamona. A place that resolved around beauty. A place of the arts. They had speach lessons. Dancers. Books. It was a center of learning and beauty. Subon was a slave center.

"Something plain" Paul said. Circelain thought and said "Rose". She could remember that. She was once called the Black Rose. Rose was also very plain. In Isamona to be named that would be insulting. Rosa would be execptable. Rosaline, Rosalinda, Roselile, Rosemary, Rosadiane would be more common.

Paul made a face. "To elaborate" he said with a grimace. "Impractical."

Circelain lost her cool at this, something she never did. "It is only one syllable! Good heavens, by the Goddesses name why do you despise beauty so much?" Her voice didn't raise but this was quite the outburst for a former spy.

"Fine" Paul said annoyed. "Why do you praise and pray to the Goddess so much? Religion is pointless." In Subon religion was banned. Circelain always thought that the rulers where nuts and the people needed to be liberated. Her sister Jasmine agreed. One of the few things they agreed on. Jasmine would tell you straight out she was going to kill you, with honor. Circelain preferred.... alternitive methods.

"Everybody needs something to believe in" Circelain said mildly. Paul grunted his disbelief. "Well okay Rose. I got you a dagger and a bow" he said handing them to her. "Don't kill me."

Circelain blinked confused. Did he really think she would. He had saved her. She could almost forgive him for the tranquilizer dart. Almost.

"So where are we going" Circelain, now Rose asked. "What is our story as well?" She said it without feeling even though she really wanted to know. Paul gives Rose a sideways look. "You see when we get there."

This annoyed Rose. She pounced on Paul. If I am going somewhere I have a right to know where somewhere is. Paul was trained though. He rolled over on top of Rose. Rose was trained in fighting too, she rolled on top of him. And on it went until they reached a flat spot.

Rose sat on Paul's chest, her foot pressed down on his wrist. Rose knew it was luck there, Paul was good. Not that she would ever tell him that.

"Okay Paul" Rose hissed. "Where are we going?" Paul opens his mouth but is interrupted by Rose before he can say anything. "The truth please." Although Rose said please Paul and herself both knew that Rose was not asking. It was a order and if Paul disobeyed he would suffer the concecences.

"Fine" Paul said sighing. "The river." Paul wasn't giving more. He knew Rose would play those games with him so why not treat her to her treatment. Rose pushed down harder on Paul's wrist. "More" she whispers harshly. "I know that you are not going to the river. It may be a stop on the way but it is not the destination. So tell me where are we going?"

Paul decided not to tell her he liked driving her insane. Rose could see that too. And even though she lost what she looked like, still beautiful but very different she still had her body. Rose knew that.

"What are you doing?" Paul asked as Rose untucked her blouse and took it off. "I am..... well-" Rose pulls him into a kiss. She knew Paul could never escape. She was to good. This was her "art". Plus he wanted her.

Rose got what she wanted.She always did. They where going to Ursiliale to the monks. Monks took in everybody and gave them food, water, shelter, the necessities. Rose didn't know what she would do when she got there, maybe she could find a covenant and become a nun. It would be hard and boring but it would be safe. They probably wouldn't take her anyways. It didn't matter, Rose didn't know what she wanted she was just confused.

"That was something else" Paul noticed. Then he stops frozen in thought. "What if you get pregnant. I don't know how long we will be out here. It could be for years!" Rose just gives him a sly smile. "Don't worry" she said soothingly. "I can't get pregnant." He smile turns into a smirk at Paul's shock.

"Rose please tell me that you don't eat those herbs-" Rose cut of Paul with a look. "Paul I can't have a child" She pauses and looks like she is going to say more. Apparently that failed. "Forget it. You wouldn't understand."

Paul was annoyed now. What was with this woman. Getting information from others but giving out none? And he had the same feelings as Rose, at least right now he did. Those women where idiots. The one who took the herbs. He didn't tell Rose this though. That was just suicide.

"Er. Rose?" She looks at him, her emotions masked. "Yes" Rose asks pleasently. Paul took a deep breath and asked; "so what's our cover?"

"Why are you asking me?" Rose didn't have a monotone its just that her voice didn't give anything away. It was careful. In such a dangerous job as a spy most people would find it irronic that Rose's motto was "tread with care". She did it with everything and always told her agents the same. Unfortunately she turned out to be one of those "do as I say not as I do types".

"Your the spymaster" Paul replied in the same tone of voice that Rose used. "Well your the Subonian" Rose shot back. Paul just look pointly at her.

"Fine!" Rose backed in. She was sort of excided to be back in her job. "The best covers are one with a little truth in it." Paul nods to show that he was listening.

"We say we are going to Ursiliale to the monks." Paul started to inturpt her but Rose stopped him. "Sshhh. Listen. Not for religion but for medical issues. I can be your sister or cousin who has Kuyajaza Seli. Do you call that anything different?"

"Probably" Paul said. "What is Kuyajaza Seli?" It sounded musical, beautiful, deadly. That's what Xavier was told beautiful equals dangerous and evil.

But Paul was beggining to see Circelain/Rose~ whoever point of view. Who knew that the Isamonian attitude was contagious?

"Kuyajaza Seli is a genetic disease that attacks your cells causing rapid cell growth. Kuyajaza Seli litteraly translates to overload of cells in one of our languages; Swahili." Isamonain was a mix of languages from the other world. French, Arabic, Spanish, Swahili, if it was pretty to hear the Isamonains probably had it in their language.

"I know what you are talking about. Cancer." Paul said it in discust. His mother had Cancer or Kuyajaza Seli if you preferred. This was hard. She made this exact trip. She died on the way.

He sighs. "It could work. Just don't call it Kuyajaza Seli. Call it Cancer." Nice. Rose thought. He must think I'm a total idiot.

Paul sighs and asks Rose why didn't she know what Kuyajaza Seli was called here; wasn't that her job? Rose knew better than to take the bait yet at the same time she took it.

"How do you know I didn't?" She asks her tone neutral. "Now let us get back on the horse." Paul sighs wondering if all girls where this difficult or if Rose was a special case. Paul pulled himself onto the horse.

"Well?" He asked. Rose was sitting in the grass. "Are you not coming?" Rose rolls her eyes. "I'm you sick cousin remember? You need to help me up."

Well Rose was many things but you have got to admit that she took her covers seriously. "Okay. I'm sorry Rose" Paul said while "helping" her up. He just appeared to. She did a lot by herself.

Once Rose was on the Paul leaned over close to her. "Why now?" He asked in a whisper. Paul didn't know why he was whispering. He just was. "Nobody is around anyways."

Rose resisted from rolling her eyes, which was a petty form of expression anyways. Someone might be watching us she wanted to scream. Instead she keept her impassive tone and said; "just get in character".

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