Cachè Rose (A Orginal Story)

Cachè Rose (A Orginal Story)

Circelain always lead a hard life. A dangerous, exciting, deadly life. She lived in the shadows. Spun and wove lies and secrets. One mistake has her life in even more danger. She must throw away all of her covers and her identity. She can make one last cover. A permanent one. If she loses this one only one thing can happen.... death.
Rose must now stay hidden. Battling with herself, her identity, her old life, old covers, and love she threatens to destroy herself. Circelain must become nobody.

Chapter 10

Stories And Dreams

There was once a noblewoman from a country full of arts, beauty, civilization. While most people from this place had freedoms, to chose what they wanted, how their life would be, all of the basic things; this noblewoman didn't. Due to her birth and heritage, and a mistake of her mother, she had her fate planned out.

Her father trained her in the art of espionage from a young age. She was good, however unknown to her, she could free herself from this. However, the set course of events was under way when it became obvious that she was infertile. This was an asset in interrogation.

Soon, she became one of the two spymasters in her country. She stopped wars, and started then. However, she just wasn't a spy, she was an assassin. And one day she failed to complete a mission.

Her mission was to kill a neighboring countries royalty. This country was brute, against art, and females. The opposite of her native land.

She was caught, and would have died if not saved by a knight and a prince of that country. He was reckless, rude, and self-centered, but he was her love. She just didn't know how to show it.

Soon they came across a village, destruction followed them. However they managed to save one small child from the destruction. The Goddess willed it, she protects her Daughters, even the ones that don't pay tribute.

Ann is lulled into a peaceful feel by Rose's voice. "That was you and Paul," she says, "Circelain and Prince Xavier."

To this Rose can only nod, tears brimming her eyes. Rose spent all of her life not feeling, to feel so much in a short period of time was overwhelming.

Ann can sense the turmoil in Rose. Sleep, she commands mentally. Sleep the best sleep you can. And Rose sleeps.

Ann wants to say something to Paul, to help him with Rose. Not for him but for her savior. Rose was pretty open for an ex-spy. But maybe that was the idea. Ann knows that Paul won't listen to her, so she sends him thoughts in his sleep. She hoped he listened.

Next to the dying fire, Ann felt a sense of dread. This Oddesy would end not in comedy but tragedy.

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