ABC repost


Chapter 1


A is for available - Nope.

B is for birthday - October 31

C is for crushing - I have a boyfriend named Nikolas

D is for last thing you drank - cherry koolaid

E is for Easiest person to talk to - My friend Emmaline

F is for favorite song - Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance (I was saved by MCR)

G is for gummy worms or bears - worms, especially the sour ones.

H is for Hometown - Mesa

I is for In love - ...I wouldn't call it love just yet.

J is an odd letter

K is for Killed someone - No

L is for longest car ride - 17 hours to Oklahoma

M is for favorite Milkshake flavor - Choclate DUH

N is for Number of siblings - One older sister and One older brother

O is for One wish - For there to be a cure or vaccination for Tourette Syndrom

P is for Person that called me last - My Mommy :D ( Don't judge)

Q is an odd letter too.

R is for Reason to smile - Waking up early and seeing the sun rise

S is for Song I last sung - There is a reason these tables are numbered Honey by Panic! at the disco

T is for Time i woke up - 5:00 A.M

U is for Underwear color - purple (I just put a random color.)

V is for Vegtable - Ardichokes

W is for Worst habit - I doze off during Social Studies lectures

X is for X-rays I have gotten - Three, two of my chest due to asthma and one of my wrist to look at my growth plates

Y is for Years I have lived where I do - 8 years

Z is for Zodiac sign - Scorpio

Fun facts!!!

Spell your name with no vowels - hnnh

What color do you wear the most - Black

Least favorite color - anything pastel

what are you listening to - MCR

Favorite class in school - English

When school started - August 8th

Favorite pair of shoes - My black converse high tops

Can I dance - Not well

Can I tie a cherry stem in my mouth - No

Can I whistle - Yes

Can I ride a bike - No... V.V

Can you do the taco tongue - YES

Do I beleive in life on other planets - No

Do I beleive in miracles - Yes

Do I beleive in magic - Maybe... :)

Love at first sight - Yes

Do I beleive in Santa - No

Do I like rollercoasters - HELL YEAH

Have I been on a plane - No.

Have I ever asked someone out - Yes

Have I ever been asked out - Yes.

Have I been to the ocean - Yes

Have I almost drowned at the ocean - No.

Temperature outside - 80 degrees farhinheit

Radiostation I listen too - 103.9

Last thing I bought - Manic Panic red hair dye

Last show I watched - Full House

The last person I took a picture of - Myself

Ever cried your heart out - yes

ever cried on a friends shoulder - yes

cried over the oppisite gender - yes

cry when I get injuries - No. when I cry It's from mental pain

Do songs make me cry - All the time.

Are you a happy person - For the most part

Current hair color(s) - Red and brown

What are you wearing - Black skinny jeans and a black shirt that says I'm not short I'm Funsize in neon letters

Eye color - Brown

Hair length - LONG

Height - 5"0

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