Fudge my friends are lieing to me

Fudge my friends are lieing to me

Some times i wonder who i can actual trust

Chapter 1

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So I'm sick,the first day i was sick,My friends said i looked beatiful
Then i reliezed my friend leann looks like Lue :)
Look at my new pictures
Here are the lies. They just tell me this to make me smile. :D
Tbh: Gloria your one of the most amazing friends I have! There's no one like you! You always know how to make a smile on my face! Your honest and caring Nd just the amazing girl I know! ♥
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You should: text me more often so we can talk about the stupid stuff we always talk about! Lol
Selena aka my awesome Possum
TBH: Gloria!!!! ur hilarious!! ur a good friend! ur sweet funny nd smart (: ur cool im glad we met in escobars class :D haha
My ex wife makes me laugh like crazy during pe. While my other wife yolanda talks to some dumb guys. Anways, My firned Angel told me to hug him and i did. I then i started walking away and he played. Baby come back,blame everything on me :P. My firends are wierd. :P


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