Chapter 1

goobye not goodbye, goobye. more fun to say XD

i'm leaving quibblo. deleting my account. nobody ever enters my contest, takes my quizzes, or even bothers to click on my quizzes like they do to everybody else's. and i don't care to make anymore if people don't want or like them, so i'm just going to...leave.
miss you. bye!

special thanks to

Sunstorm for bieng my very first friend....and my best :( unfortunately,
TessaGray for doing group stories with me and having a lot of fun with me :)
Meow_ for bieng super sweet and doing things for me that were really important...to me XD

Wendy_Pines for bieng herself around me like i knew her forever
GirlTeam for bieng just like me while bieng a great friend (she had almost the exact same status XD )
SouthernBarbie for bieng like super ultra awesome and SUPER SUPER SUPER ULTRA nice AND sweet to all her friends including me (love ya, girl! metaphoricly, of course XD)
these are the only people that really did the things i listed in the beggining, so huggles to all of you. i send HUGE thanks to those people.

friend all these people if you know me enough you'll know i'm telling the truth. awesome friends they deserve to be yours :)
really gonna miss you. truly.my friends i say to you all goodbye.bye (waves and gives you all cupcakes and kittens) i named my kitten Skyfrost to remember my time on quibblo. so............see ya..........never.

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