There is always light in the darkness

There is a way, my friends.
I have completed the butterfly challenge.

Chapter 1


Cold, sharp wind slapped me in the face. My eyes were staring and my sodden feet.
Converse plunged in and out of murky puddles. Fresh drops of water carressed the hood of my jacket.
The sky was black, not a star in site. Dead trees reached out like crooked fingers.
If only I could grab that crooked hand. If only I could reach the tip of that cold branch, to comfort it.
If only someone had thought to reach for my own hand...
I slid down to the muddy soil, my back against the scratchy bark of the lonely tree. I ripped off my jacket and laid it across the lowest branch.
I glanced at my wrist, the one that was cut by my own hand.
And just below those white jagged lines, was my butterfly.

I knew then that I had to stop. I can't cut anymore, or I will kill my butterfly. The thick black marker dripped down my arm, and I wiped it away slowly. The rain stopped, and a full mon shone softly through the dead branches. The wood swayed in the carressing wind, as though they were still alive.
I stuck my foot in an opening in the tree. as i Hoisted myself up, the stars came out. With each calluse I got, and each sweat droplet that fell from my face, a star came out. And after i laid my blue hoodie on that top branch, I sat down and stared at the white full moon. Full of holes, full of impurities. It was beautiful.
As I walked back to the place I ran away from, I turned around, and saw the light shine through the now warm branches.
And those twists and knots in the branches made the prettiest butterfly I ever saw.


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