Final Destination Fanfic

I watched the Final Destination a few days ago- and I ADORED it! It was an awesome movie! (Not Scary at All!) So anyway, I thought it was a good idea to write a fanfic. So, here it is! Oh, and those who haven't seen it, this story will give you a pretty good idea.

Chapter 1

First Vision- Final Destination

I ran down to the subway, with my friends falling close behind. We needed to get home. It was already 8 at night. At first, we were thinking about taking the bus, but the subway seemed much faster. We ran towards the subway. It was empty. We decided to wait. My eyes were aching with tiridness. I collapsed on a green bench and fell asleep.

"The door opened. Christine looked at me. 'Come on, let's go in.' I nodded and entered. Just then, I knocked over a old lady, making her drop her keys. 'Oh, I'm sorry!' I said, apologizing. She shot me a angry glare, then commenced to sit down. Just then, Luis leaned over and accidently knocked over my bag. I picked it up. As the train went down the track, the train gave a slight bump. I gasped and fell. My friend knocked into a pole. The light went out. There was silence , until...KER-TINK!!!! The train completely flipped over. I crashed into the wall, my friend cracked his head on the pole, spraying blood in the air, and Louis' head went through the window. I was alive! I got up painfully, massaging my sprained ankle. "Are you OK?" I asked Christine. She nodded. Just than, the train blew up."

Someone shook me awake. I got up. "Whatsit?" She pointed to the subway train. I nodded. I forgot what my dream was, but I knew something bad had happened. It made me feel uncomfortable. I hesitated, than Christine shook my arm. "Come on, let's go in." I shook my head, clearing the thoughts out of my mind. "Ok." I stepped in. Just than, I knocked over a old lady, making her drop her keys. "Oh, I'm sorry!" I apogolized. She shot me a glare that seemed uncomfortably familiar. Just then, a blurry of memory shot back to me. I grabbed Christine's hand. She blushed. "What's your problem?!" she said, trying to yank her away. I grabbed her. "We have to get off this train!" She yanked her hand away. "Trust me." I said. I gave her the look.

The look that something bad was going to happen if she didn't listen. "Ok." she said. I got all my friends out. Josh looked at me. "Dude, what is wrong with you?!" I told him to step back and watch. The train cruised along...I guess I was wrong. "See?!" Louis said. The train just than made a 360 turn, cascading a shower of sparks in the tunnel. Blood was splattered against the window and a fire started. KER-BOOM!!!!

The train exploded, sending pieces of metal, flesh, blood, and poles flying. We stared in shock. There was one more person, crawling on the tracks. "Help!" he screamed. We went towards him to try and help, but another subway train came and ran him over, spraying warm, sticky, blood into our faces.

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