The Girl Who Turned Invisible

The Girl Who Turned Invisible

Marina Maddson started her freshman year with tons of friends and a loving boyfriend, Jules Sierra. Then, when Jules is killed in the horrific, unexpected school shooting, Marina blames herself. Isolating herself from her friends and family, the people who love her most, she meets an improbably understanding stranger who might just bring her back to reality.

P.S This is a single author story,but I put it in the group story category because a lot of single authors are reposts and rants & stuff

Chapter 1


I think it's funny how, one day, you can be perfectly fine, and the next, BAM!, your life is destroyed.

Hahahahaha, right?

I don't like to think about that day much. I said I don't like to think about it, I never said it doesn't occupy my every thought. What else do I have to think about anymore, anyway?

Don't think I'm some silly teenage girl who is just "soooo in lowve-aa" with her boyfriend. Don't pity me because my high school sweetheart has gone bye-bye. In fact, I suggest you don't think anything about me at all.

I mean, how can you have thoughts about someone who doesn't exist?

This is my story.

I don't think that anyone expected me to come back to school this fall. Really, I hadn't expected it either. So, when I stepped off the bus in my blue jeans and pale pink sweater with stars, my hair freshly bleached, everyone stared. I tucked a chunk of hair behind my ear, figuring that if I ignored them they would ignore me.

That was my plan, you see. I wanted to be invisible. Not something a normal teenage girl wished for, but I was waayy beyond normal.

I took in all the faces: even though I knew who made it out alive, I still checked. I mentally categorized everybody into three classes: avoid, safe, and unknown. Most of my friends and the more outgoing (a.k.a pushy) people went into the first; the quiet, to-each-their-own type people I put in the second; and the last mostly consisted of incoming freshmen. Who, by the way, looked more scared than usual.

Did they seriously think there was gonna be another shooting today? I mean, I thought everybody knew that shooters wait until at least the second day of school to start rampaging. Like, chill, guys.

They say in support group that sarcasm can be used as a coping mechanism.

They also say in support group that me going to school might cause allmightly flashbacks. Ooooooo! I'm soooo scared.

Okay, I honestly am a little freaked. But just because of the possible flashbacks, or my classmates, or the stares.

I've never gone to school without Jules being there.


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