5 Guys, Tons of Love (A One Direction Fan-Fic)

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Chapter 1

PARTY!!!!!! 1 out of 2

Name: Lilly Freeman
age: 19
personality: playful, adorable, cheeky, responsible, mysterious
lover: Niall
looks: light brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin (like kristen stewart's) / tall / skinny

background: her little brother, Steven, died of cancer. She promised him she would follow her dreams for him and to not give up.

her recent boyfriend: i know i know, but her recent boyfriend is Ross Lynch :)


I was sitting on my couch, reading Tiger Beat. A poster of Ross was in it. I smiled and tore it out, being careful not to rip it.I got up, only waring his over-sized t-shirt with a tank top underneath and basketball shorts.

I walked into the kitchen seeing Ross trying his best to cook french toast. He had egg on his shirt. I smiled at him. He looked at me looking quite embarrassed. "I tried." he said shrugging. I couldn't help but laugh at his adorable face. I kissed his cheek. "Do you want me to take over?" I asked. "Yeah," he replied.

I took the spatula out of his hand and flipped the crispy piece if bread. He had his mouth agape of amazement from my "amazing" trick. As I was cooking, I was thinking about how his parents let me date him even though I'm 19 and he's 16. And we LIVE together. How stupid are his parents?

He kissed my cheek yet again. "What's wrong?" "Nothing, just thinking." "About what?" "Stuff."

I flipped the last and final piece of french toast. I put some on plate, making it equal for me and Ross. Ross got out the syrup, drizzling some over the lovely pieces. He then got forks and took both plates to the living room. When he passed by, he stopped in his tracks. "What's that behind your back?"

"Oh, I found a poster of you in Tiger Beat." I said showing him. He chuckled. "Go put it in the room with the others." "What's the magic word?" "Now." "Sorry, word invalid." "Please." "Correct."

I walked into our bedroom and put the poster in the pile with the others I've torn out.

Once I was done, I went back to Ross. I couldn't wait any longer to ask this question.

"How do your parents accept me?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, how do they allow me to date you?"

"I don't know. I said to them that I really love you. They believed me and trusted me to make the right decisions. "

I nodded with agreement. At this point, we had moved to the couch where I had recently been. He turned on the flat screen t.v.

Since we Xfinity, we have On Demand. He went to Austin and Ally in HD.

"HaHaHa , so funny. Are we seriously going to watch this?"

"Yes, and you should be supporting me. "

"Alright, I'm so happy for you that you're on a Disney Channel show with poor scripts and 'hilarious' jokes!" I said with sarcasm.

"You're going to get it!"

He ran for me and chased me all around our condo. He finally caught up to me. He picked me up and threw me over his back.

"YAY!!! PIGGY BACK RIDE!" I screamed.

We finally settled down for what felt like forever. "Oh, I can't believe I forgot to ask you this. Tonight, we're having a party. All different types of celebrities will be there. One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Demi Lovato, and many more."

"Really, when does it start?" "Well, since we just had our 'dinner' , in two hours." "That's all I need."

I rushed to my bathroom and started getting undressed. I turned on the shower. It took at least 5 minutes just to get the perfect temperature.

I stepped in, loving the warm water on my back. I started to wash my hair with vanilla scented shampoo and conditioner. I rinsed it out, feeling my hair feel extremely sleeker than ever. Time to shave. I do not need hairy legs.

I got out of the shower once I cleaned myself. I stepped on my furry rug and dried myself off. I looked in the mirror. I have a lot of work to do.

I brushed through my hair until each and every snarl was gone. I blow dried it and started putting on my outfit.


I stepped out of my bathroom to Ross wearing a purple tuxedo and black sneakers with a red bow-tie.

He smiled at me and he wouldn't look away. "How do I look?" "Perfect."

We headed out, ready to start the PARTAY!


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