The Beginning ( A Percy Jackson Story)

So, I REALLY like Percy Jackson and thought that I should write a fanfic about here goes.
Name: Liberty Dawn
Greek God/Goddess Parent: Athena
Looks: Darker blonde hair almost a light brown, and grey eyes.
Skills: Good at archery, fighting, strategy, but HATES math.

Chapter 8


Tristan and Liberty sat with the Hermes kids since neither one of them had been claimed yet. It was a rather tight squeeze as a lot of Gods didn't think that they had time to claim their children. Liberty looked at her plate it was empty. She looked at Tristan with a confused look. When she looked down the plate was full. A large chef's salad took up the whole of the plate.

"Really? Salad?" Tristan muttered eyeing her plate with disgust. Liberty looked at his plate, a burrito. Yeck.

"At least it's better than what you're eating." Liberty speared a tomato and the juice sprayed Tristan in the face. She laughed, "sorry."

"Sure you are." Tristan grunted wiping his face off. Liberty took a sip from her glass. Iced coffee. She smiled, there was this little place on the corner of her street that sold the best iced coffee. Liberty went there everyday with her dad.

"Yum." She started eating her salad again.

"What are you drinking?" Tristan asked grabbing her glass and looking at it bewildered.

"Why the hell do you care?" Liberty groaned grabbing it back.

"Because these things give you anything you want...and you're eating a salad...and drinking brown stuff." He took a bite of his burrito, "I'm just saying it's a little weird."

"I know something else that's a little weird." Liberty muttered under her breath. Tristan must have heard because he looked up with a grin on his face, Liberty rolled her eyes.

Liberty stood up. She was tired, it had been a long day. Suddenly everyone gasped at looked at her. "What?" Liberty looked down trying to see why they were staring, she turned in a circle. Nothing.

"Look up." Tristan said, pointing to something above her head. Liberty looked up.

"What the hell?" She yelped, an owl blazed above her. Chiron came forward.

"Looks like you were right, Ms. Dawn, child of Athena." He smiled. "Congradulations."

"Hey look!" Someone from the Hermes table shouted. Liberty turned, above Tristan's head a red spear pulsed.

"Interesting," Chiron murmured, "I didn't take you for a son of Ares, Tristan," He clapped him on the shoulder.

Tristan didn't look happy about it, he looked confused and a little bit upset. But Liberty had no time to think about it as the other kids from the Athena cabin were coming to meet her.

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