The Beginning ( A Percy Jackson Story)

So, I REALLY like Percy Jackson and thought that I should write a fanfic about here goes.
Name: Liberty Dawn
Greek God/Goddess Parent: Athena
Looks: Darker blonde hair almost a light brown, and grey eyes.
Skills: Good at archery, fighting, strategy, but HATES math.

Chapter 3

The Goodbye

Liberty sat down next her dad. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug "Daddy, I love you." Her dad slowly leaned his head against her shoulder.

"I love you too Libby," he said. "I love you too."

"So, I should probably go pack then?" Liberty asked.

"Heh, yeah. Probably, Lady," Her dad smiled. Liberty looked at him. He must be really sad or nervous that I'm leaving she thought he hasn't called me Lady in forever Her father's nickname for her, had to do with the Statue of know sometimes referred to as "Lady" Liberty.

Her dad had called her "Lady" a lot when she was younger. But as she had gotten older she felt that she'd grown out of it and told him so. The last time that he had called her that though was...2 years ago. They had been talking about her being ADHD. How she didn't feel like it when she was doing somethings like studying history or tactics, or practicing her archery...but she was extremely ADHD when it came to math. He had simply said "Someday everything will all make sense'll all make sense."

Well, she didn't know if it was all making sense...but some of the puzzle pieces were coming together. And she was starting to like how it looked.

Liberty walked back upstairs to her room. She had absolutely NO idea what to pack. What the hell are you supposed to bring to a camp like this? she asked herself. Grabbing a duffle bag from her closest she set it one the bed.

She looked around her many things...memories...from the things she and her dad had done together. She walked to the closest, and pulled out her favorite hoody, it was dark green -the color of pine tree needles- and it was warm it had kept her toasty on many a stargazing night with her dad. She shoved it in the bag. Next she started grabbing other things, some jeans she thought, throwing in at least 5 pairs. Shirts, duh as she hit herself on the forehead. She threw in 10 shirst...all different cuts. Underwear...yeah, if I forgot those dad would never let me hear the end of it.

She thought hard anything else?

"Well, shoes might be nice." Whispered a womans voice in her mind.

Liberty's eyes snapped open. "Um...thanks" she said looking around the room for anything that could have spoken to her.

Unless the laptop had suddenly learned to speak (which wouldn't be that surprising) nothing in her room should have been able to do that. But then again Liberty had just found out her mom was a Goddess and she was going to a place called Camp didn't expect that much would phase her from this point on.

"Um, right." Grabbing her favorite sneakers she threw them in the duffel bag (which was getting quite full now). "Can't forget socks!" Libetry said throwing in a couple pairs. She slipped on her other pair of sneakers.

"I think I'm going to pack a back-pack full of other stuff." She sighed "It's so hard to decided what stays and what goes...although I'm sure that Dad could probably send me stuff if I asked him." Throwing her favorite beat-up black back-pack on her bed next to the duffel bag she started to fill it up.

That certainly didn't take long. She thought. After putting her computer and other computer related things into the bag she had put her journals and pens (which she had quite a few of) into the bag then she had gone over to her book shelf and taken down her well worn copies of Greek history (they all happened to be written in Greek....which she could read...she had always wondered why that was so.)

"I think that's everything. I'll send dad a letter if I miss anything." And with that Liberty picked up the bags and looked around her room one last time. Silently bidding her old life and her old memories one last farewell. As she closed the door and slowly walked down the stair she couldn't help but feel that that was the last time she would be back in that home for a long time.

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