The Beginning ( A Percy Jackson Story)

So, I REALLY like Percy Jackson and thought that I should write a fanfic about here goes.
Name: Liberty Dawn
Greek God/Goddess Parent: Athena
Looks: Darker blonde hair almost a light brown, and grey eyes.
Skills: Good at archery, fighting, strategy, but HATES math.

Chapter 2

The Truth

Liberty looked at her father, "Demigod? Camp-Half Blood? What the hell does all that mean? What have you been hiding from me all these years?" Thousands of questions were flooding her mind. She needed answers, and she needed them now.

Her father sighed. "Liberty, there are some things that I've been putting off in telling you."

"Well you had better start telling me then haven't you?" Liberty spat. She was so angry at her father.

"Liberty, please sit." It was more a command the way he said it. Every particle in Liberty's being wanted to continue standing but she sat obidiently.

"Liberty, your mother didn't die, like I told you. In fact it isn't possible for her to die...your mother is....a Goddess." He braced himself for her fit of anger.

"What?! My mom is a GODDESS? Dad, are you on some kind of drug or something?" she asked.

He smiled sadly "No, Liberty. I'm not. Your mom was the Greek Goddess Athena."

"Wait, what? Athena? The Goddess of logic and strategy?"

"The very same," her dad answered. "I met her when I was at college studying to get my History major."

"Oh." Liberty said, she knew this much.

"She told me she was a Goddess later, I believed her, it was hard not to, when she left she gave me you. She told me that when you were around 15-16 that you would probably begin to attract monsters...and that there was a place that you could go where you could be safe, be other children like you. This place is called Camp-Half Blood."

"So, Demigod means half god, half...human?"


"And that's were I'm going this summer?"




"Why couldn't you have told me this from the beginning?"

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