This Feels Like Falling In Love...(One Direction Group FanFic)

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Chapter 3

Whipped Cream/ Noelle's PoV

I skip out of the house, a little late as I usually am, but I don't really mind knowing Rochelle wants us there right on time, if not an hour and a half early, yet how are we supposed to make a grand entrance that way?

"Noelle!" Rochelle pouts and I can't help but smile, "hurry up! We need to get going!"

"No worries Rocky, we'll be fine," I tell her as I get into the backseat of the car and buckle my seat belt.

"Alright. Every one buckled? Good! Let's go now Jenna! We can't be any later!" Rochelle worries.

"Breathe Rock," Winter says softly from beside me.

"Yeah, we'll be alright," Jenna says before pulling out of the driveway and we begin our way to the place Simon had wanted to meet us at.

"No, if we're late, he'll think we're lazy and ungrateful and unreliable!" Rochelle frets.

"Wow, you just summed up Noelle," Kirsty giggles and I glare at her before laughing.

"I'm not unreliable though," I pout.

"True, you did save my bum when Ms. Lamberts was getting mad at me for her missing test packets last year," Kirsty smiles.

"I'd never let a friend fall for something she didn't do! Especially when it was me that did it!" I laugh and Rochelle smiles as she shakes her head in disdain.

"No one would ever guess you're the genius of the group who graduated high school at sixteen years old," Jenna snorts as she turns her car blinkers on to turn.

"Like I was going to let you guys graduate and leave me in that jail alone!" I say.

"I will miss our reading and writing class though," Winter says gently as she shuts the book she had been reading.

"Eh, I suppose," Jenna shrugs, "school wasn't for me... except all the trouble we got in during it," we all laugh as we remnisce the mischief Jenna and I started and had dragged Winter and Kirsty in all the while Rochelle had tried to stop us.

Of course Rocky wasn't a stick in the mud, she could be fun within reason, but who needs reason when you have whipped cream and tons of people telling you not to do this and that?

"Great, we're officially late!" Rochelle groans as she checks the clock on the radio of the car.

"Don't worry, that's ahead by ten minutes," Jenna says, "we'll be there in the nick of time!"

"So we'll be late?" Rocky says and groans, "did you really need to pack two cans of canned whip cream, Elle?"

"Of course!" I say, "you know can't settle down unless I have whipped cream! And Kirsty was spending forever on her hair too! Then Jenna and her turtle pack pack!"

"Ok, so it isn't all your fault," Rocky admits and I nod.

"Uh huh, that's right," I bob my head and snap my fingers in 'Z' formation, "and you know, being late wouldn't be so bad if you had let me get a dozen doves to release when we walked into his office, like seriously! That would be an unforgettable first impression!"

"Noelle," Kirsty says.


"Love you, but for cripe's sake! Shut up," she tells me and I chuckle.

"Fine, fine, fine," I say and take the lid off the canned whipped cream and spray some of it into my mouth and sit back as Jenna drives and turns the radio on.

"I'm broken, do you hear me? I'm blinded cos you are everything to me..."

Liam Payne's voice fills the car and a grin spreads across all our faces as we spontaneously begin singing.


The thing that had blessed me with my four best friends and now, a possible record deal to sing professionally.

"I love you guys," I say between Niall and Louis' solos.

"Love you too," they all tell me and I smile.

What would I be without them? Who else would put up with my naturally sassy and silly attitude? Who else would care to listen to me tell them about my latest family dilemma? Though, I hate to tell them the latest thing my mother's husband had yelled at me over or that I didn't sleep well because my grandma was in the hosptial again.

Oh gosh, here I am getting all soppy. I spray more whipped cream in my mouth and sigh, there we go! That's better, much better! No better way to drown your sorrows than in dairy products.

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