This Feels Like Falling In Love...(One Direction Group FanFic)

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Chapter 2

I Know. Jenna's POV

"OH MY GOD" I scream, noticing one key element of my outfit missing. Winter pokes a curious head in,
"Are you dying again?" She asks. I have a tendency to be a tad overdramatic...
"Where the hell is my turtle backpack?!" I exclaim, storming out of the room and down the short hall. Kristy groans, rolling her eyes at me as though I were a child. Though I'm used to this and have decided I was not the child, just the rest of them (besides Noelle of coarse) are those old people who eat pea soup and can't process how to use 'stairs'.
"Jenna you are not wearing a freaking turtle backpack to an interview" Rochelle breathes, looking up from the kitchen table with a cocked eyebrow.
"Um how the hell am I supposed to fight crime Rochelle? Wanna explain that?" I spat back. She couldn't even help the chuckle as I threw up pillows and cushions in desperate search of the evergreen bag.
"Alright we're going!" Elle cries from the doorway, fixing her scarf as she examined herself in the mirror.
"Fine then! I won't be saving any you guys from evil rats and shit then" I growl, grinning myself as they all groan. I grabbed my pail of Tom's, hoping around on one foot as I slipped one on the other.
"Is my hair okay?" I ask Kristy, still jumping around on this one foot clumsily.
"You look fine" She sighs, rolling her eyes as I knocked over a coat rack and could only gape at the mess.
"Wasn't me" I murmur, walking out the door confidently. They all scoff, some laugh, and others cursing my childishness. Hey, they've been my friend for how long now?! They should be used to it!
"And we're off!"
"Jenna wrong way"
"And we're off in this direction!"
"What direction?!" Rochelle chirps, grinning like the fangirl she was. I roll my eyes, coming to her side with a thickly sarcastic gasp.
"Oh I know! The Wanted!" I squeal and her face turns to a firm line as I snigger away from her.
"Oh c'mon guys, we all know I'm gonna be the star of this group" I scoff sarcastically.
Ha, you wish
Jenna stop.
You're holding them all back
Stop telling yourself that.
Why because it's true? All these girls are so freaking talented... And then there's you
Kristy says I'm a valued member...
What do you do? Make their lives more difficult?
You have no talent Jenna. You're a pity member. They pity you.
... I know.

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