Plain love and Happyness when I'm with you. (Loki Love Story)

Okay since i love Loki sooo much i made a Fanfic about him, using me when im like 20. So Intro:
Loki had broke out of prison. He was being tracked down, when he met the girl. The girl that changed him, to the old Loki. The loving compassionate Loki. But the Avengers want him back behind bars. And what happens when thew newest meber of the Avengers falls in love with their nemisses?
Red fox, the best tracker, hunter, and spy the world has ever seen, fell in love with the man hated by all. Loki.

Chapter 1

Chapter one (Intro)

by: 68687

Loki was captured. He was behind bars. The world could slowly heal.

Dear Miss.Lopez,
I am Nicholas Fury. I am the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D a organization that protects the world from harm. We have knowledge that you, are able to control and blast out powerful fireballs. And you must have heard about our elite team, the Avengers.
We would be pleased if you could join out team, and help us take down the evil in the world. And if you do say yes, you would be moved to S.H.E.I.L.D. 's head quarters. The already active Avengers are: Captain America, Iornman, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and Hulk. We would be pleased for you to join. And inase of the evil mastermind villan, Loki were to escape, our main effort would be to capture him again. Obviously it will be dangerous. Thats why we have chosen the best there is. Please consider our offer.

Yours truly,
Nicholas Fury

Me, and Avenger?

A/N: Yes i did change the beggining cuz i didn't want lemons really.... :3

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