1D Repost? I honestly have no idea why I am doing this. I don't even like them.

Chapter 1

I was bored. I really, truly, can't stand their music.

by: Margz
Do this quiz and repost with your 1D member as the chapter title (:

Harry Styles
[X] you have curly hair

[] you’re cheeky and flirty

[X] you have dimples

[] you have a british accent

[] you talk slowly

[] I’m the youngest of my friends

[] I love white converse

[] My favorite food is tacos

[] I have green eyes

[X] I’m under 6ft

[] I love wearing blazers

[2] I have a great voice

Total: 2


Louis Tomlinson

[] I have straight hair

[X] I love to wear stripes

[] I love pants that are above the ankle

[] I own at least 1 pair of Toms

[X] I have blue eyes (kinda blue)

[] I have a British accent

[] I’m the oldest of my friends

[X] I’m sassy, outgoing and crazy

[] I love to sing

[] I love girls/boys who eat carrots

Total: 3


Zayn Malik

[X] I have amazing eyelashes

[] I have black/dark brown hair

[] I’m quiet

[] I’m mysterious and the “badboy/badgirl” of the group

[X] I have piercings

[X] I’m the “devil” of my friends (I guess you could say that...)

[] I love varsity jackets

[] I have great fashion senses

[X] I have a funny catch phrase

[X] I hate dancing

[X] I’m vain (I can be at times)

[] I use hair products

[X] I like to rap

[] I love to sing solos

Total: 7


Liam Payne

[] I change my hairstyle constantly

[] I’ve had my hair straight and curly before

[] I’m as sweet as can be

[] I work hard to make people happy

[] I love to be on Twitter and do twitcams

[] I love wearing plaid

[X] I can pull off a closed or open-mouthed smile

[] I have a signature dance move

[] I love Disney films

[] I love singing

[] I have a British accent

[] I’m like the mother/father of my friends

[] I take care of the people I love

Total: 1


Niall Horan

[X] I have amazing hair

[X] I have an Irish accent (my parents do and I can imitate one... Does that count?)

[] I bleach/dye my hair

[] I’m a hat person

[X] I have rosy, red cheeks

[X] I love sneakers

[X] I LOVE to eat food

[] I like guitars

[X] I’m funny/like funny people

[X] I have green/blue eyes

[] I have braces

[X] I like to eat sweets for breakfast

[X] I hate Disney films

[X] I can do an Irish jig

[X] I’m likable

[] I love to sing

Total: 11... Wow okay.

Yay... I got my favorite of them. Even though I kind of hate all of them. But I think I hate Niall (and Zayn) the least. They are the hottest.

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