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Chapter 9


"Hey Spence, Louis and I are going to go buy dinnr what do you want?" Asked Harry coming into the kitchen.

"Great now I don't have to cook...and tacos, Dr.Pepper, and a number 3 in McDonalds please,"I replied.

"Sure," Harry replied with a chuckle.

The boys, Harry, Louis, Niall, and I were having a night in. Harry's idea so I could take my mind of the stress of school. I walked in the living room to see Niall sitting all alone, that's right...they've left us alone!

"So, have you decided on a movie?" I asked shyly as I sat across from him.

"Not really choosing," he replied with a weak smile,Why don't you choose?"

"Sure," I replied standing up and getting the movies we have to pick from. The Notebook, The Hunger Games, Saw, Harry Potter, Twilight, Grease, and Water For Elephants. Well, I have my pick.

I turned to see Niall looking all down, which made me kind of sad.

"Um..are you okay?" I asked.

"Not really," he replied, but before I could asked he went on,"How can I be dissapointed...I mean, she was great you know."

I felt my face get red, this was about me. Well, Princess who is technacly me, but he doesn't know! He looked up and smild.

"Sorry, I mean the girl I've been talking too, I'm sure Harry's told you," he quickly added.

"Yeah he has...and maybe she's just afraid of you seeing the real her and see she looks nothing like that night so you may not like her...,"I blurted out before I could stop myself.

"Sounds like you've given it some time to think,"he replied raising one brow.

"Well...uh...I would..feel that way...you know,"I replied looking away. This can't be happening! Me andd my big mouth!

"Uh..yeah, I guess,"he replied,"hey can we continue taking after the movie...I really need somone to talk to...you know about my situation."

"Sure,"I replied unsure. What have I gotten myself into?

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