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Chapter 3

Back To My Boring Self..Spencer's POV

As soon as our feet hit the ground Hannah went her own way, but not before telling me that we had to leave before midnight. It made me feel a little like Cinderella.

"And who might this beautiful princess be?,"asked Niall.

"How about we just leave it as Princess,"I replied nervously as I turned around, he was dresses as a prince, ironic.

"Well, can this prince ask this beautiful princess to dance then?,"he asked.

"Of course,"I replied blushing underneath the mask.

He held out his arm and I took it and soon we started to dance, we danced and laughed the whole time we were together. He has such an amazing laugh, no wonder this hopeless fool fell for him.

"Hey, there you are..we have to go!,"exclaimed Hannah as she found me.

"Oh,"I said looking at her then returning my gaze at Niall.

"Can't I know your name, at least, before you leave?,"he asked.

"Like I said...let's leave it as princess,"I replied with a smile before asking him for a pen,"Give me your hand."

He gave it to me, but not before looking at me as if I was nuts. When I was done writing what I needed to write I gave him a hug.

"I don't want this perfect night to end,"I simply whispered in his ear.

"Come on!,"Urged Hannah.

I let go of him and Hannah and I started to run away, when we reached the top of the stairs and I turned to see Niall smiling like an idiot looking at my email, which I had written on his hand.

Next Day

Polyvore: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=61132203

The next I woke up early, and got ready. I was back to my boring self. Last night seemed like a beautiful dream that I never wanted to wake up from, but it wasn't a dream, it wasn't!

"Knock knock!,"exclaimed Harry walking in with the rest of the boys.

"Hello!,"I exclaimed happily as I as I poured some coffee into my cup.

"Someone seems to be in a good mood,"noted Louis.

I smiled to myself, if only they knew why I'm feeling like this. I took a quick glance at Niall to see him starring at his phone.

"Good night sleep I guess,"I lied as I pranced towards the fridge to get the milk.

I saw them interchange a look, I've never been this happy, especially in the morning.

"Niall will you stop looking at your phone...if she wanted to reply to your email she would have already,"exclaimed Harry, when he finished the milk fell from my grip onto the floor spilling all over the floor. Luckily none fell on me!

I looked to see all eyes on me, and I felt my cheeks getting hotter by the instance.

"Opps! Clumsy me,""I replied shyly as I walked over to get a towel and started to clean up the mess. Harry's laughter started filling the air.

"Only you Spence,"he said with a cheeky smile.

As I was cleaning and took out my phone to check my email.I had ten new messages, mainly from friends from college asking for help but there was one that stood out.

My Princess

I looked over my shoulder to see if anybody was checking, but they were to busy bickering between themselves. I quickly clicked on it and the message came up.

My dear Princess....can you please tell me who you are

"What are you doing?,"asked Niall probably wondering why I'm starring into the phone and smiling like an idiot.

"Uh!..Nothing,"I replied putting my phone away and began cleaning again, he simply shrugged and walked away and that's when I noticed. He may be into the Princess, but he is not into me...even if we are the same person!

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