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Chapter 2

Till Midnight--Hannah's POV

I was always a huge fan of the Phantom of the Opera, and the mask was just perfect for the occasion. I don't know, but a night to just be someone who's not me sounded... Fun. It's not like I'm not happy. I am. I think. Whatever, I'm not in the mood to discuss my life choices and questions right now.
I open the front of the short cape my mother had bought be when I was about 12. Thankfully it still fit (more like I haven't grown from the midge I was back then) and let my black, tight dress be more visible. Liam would never recognize me in something like this and that just made the whole thing even better.
And when I saw all eyes turn to Spencer, I felt more accomplished then I would if those eyes were on me.
I don't mean to brag (which this is probably how this is going to sound) but I was always the more... 'Popular' girl. I guess that's the word I can use. I always had friends, always was laughing, always got asked out. I mean, it was okay I guess. I had my main friend Liam who knew the whole thing just made me bored, and Spencer who kept me smart. And it wasn't that I knew I had friends. It was that a didn't care. I think the whole 'carefree' attitude is was always attracted the attention. At least that's what I like to think.
"Oh clever costume" A silly voice laughs behind me. I turn, none other then Louis Tomlinson glancing at me with an approving eye.
"Oh thanks, and to you too" I reply, his 'prince' costume as handsome as his face. He smiles boastfully, holding out his arms while making sure his drink doesn't spill.
"I don't mean to brag but, my mum did do a pretty good job" He says with a nod, laughing as he did. I chuckle with him, taking the drink I had just ordered from the bar top and drinking slowly. "So, what's your name Phantom?" He asks after a moment.
"Well you just said it" I respond vaguely, cocking the one eyebrow visible. He breathes out sharply, squinting his eyes as he examines the part of my face visible.
"Trust me... I'll know who you are by the end of the night" He says with a grin, turning and walking off. Though as he did so, looking over his shoulder repeatedly to make sure I hadn't strayed. I laugh to myself, asshole, and continue my mindless wanderings through the great hall.
I get a few looks, some approving nods, charming smiles, and even a whistle or two. Though I pass by as though I was deaf.
I walk over to a place at the bar looking rather empty. I pull out a the golden lined stool, and place my cape on the tabletop.
"Sherry please, on the rocks" I request, running a hand through my loose hair and sighing as the night was beginning to drag. I was bored very easily.
I hadn't even seen Spencer all night, and this must be a good thing. When she looked as gorgeous as she did, I can't imagine her having a rough time.
"Brandi and Sprite, please and thank you" Someone sighs, sitting beside me. I look over, and for the first time, I give him a second look as he was really, really attractive.
"Oh, nice costume" I chuckle, he had on a basic suit, though instead of a regular tie, it was Slytherin and he even went so far as to wear a Prefect badge. He looks over, as though surprised to find some one next to him.
"Oh thanks! You too! I loved the play" He says, suddenly eager for conversation,
"You're Zayn... Zayn Malik" I say nodding, as though telling the boy what his name is. He laughs, obviously taking it the same as how I did.
"Yes, yes I am... The real question is who you are ma'dam?" He asks with a charming smile. Wow his teeth are white...
"Oh me? Well you can call me Phantom" I say, similar to how I did for Louis. Though this time, I kind of want him to know my name.
"Well you're incredibly beautiful to just be some phantom. Tell me... Does Phantom have any lovers I should know about?" He asks, taking the costumes into great character. I laugh,
"Why no she doesn't... Phantom is still looking for her Christine... Or in my case a Christi-for..." I say thinking hard. He laughs,
"Well I can always change my name" Damn he's flirty. And yet, I can't say that's a bad thing.
Just then, the large overhead clock strikes midnight, and I look around desperately. I had to be back in dorms 20 minutes ago. It wasn't that I didn't usually sneak out (it's rather common for me to be in detention) but after a half an hour of curfew, security makes their rounds.
"Oh shit" I breathe, jumping up and leaving my drink for the next lucky straggler. Zayn furrows his eyebrows, jumping down from the stool with me.
"What, what's wrong?"
"I have to go" I breathe worriedly, grabbing my bag and cape and making to leave.
"Wait! Wait you can't go just yet!" He cries, chasing after me as I squeeze my way through groups of people.
"I'm sorry I have to" I call flustered, finally making it to the exit. He follows breathlessly, whipping out a nervous piece of paper.
"Here! Email me" He says handing me a slip. And with that, he was gone and I was calling Spencer like a lunatic.

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