Poems from the Top of My Head

I wrote these when they came to my mind. Tell me what ya think?

Chapter 2

A Winter's Season

A winter night in mid-December,
All visible scenery is covered in a soft, white blanket.
The lonely trees sway and shiver.
My house sits at the end of the street,
Looking the same as any other.
But I am not the same.
I refuse to conform to the world around me.
My heart is ice cold, like the seasonal air,
I believe in no one.
I can’t love, can’t trust, a single soul on this worthless earth.
I live in a house, yet I have no home.
I scream what I feel, yet I am never heard.
I notice everyone’s pain, yet I am always ignored.
I continue to sit on my front porch steps when the sun rises in the mornings,
Drawing little attention to myself.
With bare arms and legs, my pale skin quickly becomes numb,
And I close myself off from the rest of the world.
I silently cry freezing tears.
And then, suddenly, I am gone.
My limp, lifeless body is laid out to dry,
My light brown eyes plastered open for an eternity yet to come,
A frown forever frozen onto my lips.
And I am gone.

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