A true bulling story

Hey, sorry if it's late. I just got back in to town

Chapter 1

Stop bullying.....NOW!!!

I remember being bullied, but I also remember being one. Now I now mot people will call a horrible person by only reading this part, and they may after the story too, but please, listen to me.....
I had just switched schools because I was being bullied. I didn't know anyone at my new school, I just saw a bunch of people staring at me. I was worried thinking that my hair was wrong orthey didn't like my skirt, but it was a new school,everyone was new. I met a girl named chloie, we got along really well. And I'm glad I had her for those first few weeks. But there where other girls, I wanted to get to know them too. So I started hanging out wich other people as well as her. One day. Chloie wasn't at schoolstory's hung out with some other people. She was gone the next day to, so I hung out with my other friends, she came in the middle of Lucy when. My other friends and I where in the middle of a game. We invited her to come and play but she got mad at me and asked to talk to me. She said that she didn't like that I wasn't playing with her any more and apologized but said that the other girls were my friends too. She got even more mad and stomped off. She made the next month of my life a living hell. And I was sick of it. Unfortunately I wanted revenge. And I could only do that by making her life worse. And I was. I hate to say it but it was true. Every week one of us went home crying. But I wasn't going I stop. We where like cats. And I never thought I was going to stop, I was going to be in middle school the next year a she would only be in 5th grade.
But I then remembered how close we where in the beginning and thought that maybe I'd stop, but I remembered she's the one who started it, so she was going to end it. The next week I saw something on the news about this kid killing himself and that's when it hit me
" someday this might be one of us" I got ready for school as quick as I could and ran there. I apologized and we made up.( read next chapter)

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