Witches of the Trade, Boys of the Fight

u woodnt no this by the title, but this is a Supernatural fan-fiction.....i, (Christi) may have another quiz, with some visuals of my perspective, idk about my Co-writer, tho

Chapter 1

The Younger Sister

For as long as I can remember, I, the younger sister, have been the role model for my family. The innocent one, I never used my magic to kill, except to kill your so-called mythical beings (they are real, by the way). I've never used them for fun, to humiliate, or anything that may be considered unethical. Don't get me wrong, I'm not all boring, I just believe in the good of the better.
My family started taking after me. They didn't stop killing entirely, all except for my older sister, Aislinn Rose Carter. She completely stopped the joking and killing. It felt good that I, Samantha Marie Carter, could have that effect on my family.
It was May 2, 1983 that made my whole world fall downhill. My parents were enjoying a nice day. It was their anniversary. They had gone for a walk in the park. They were attacked, by a demon named Lilith, so I've been told. My parents didn't even have time to say anything, a spell of any kind, to kill her. She blinded them, cut out their voice boxes, then "had some fun" as I am told she calls it. I didn't care if thats what she called fun, I was tracking this lady (if you can call her that) down, no matter what it took, and killing her myself.
This was the only rage I could ever build up, that ever burned inside me, forever.
That was around 24 years ago. I am 224 years old now, and still as beautiful as ever. I still have the beautiful, long, curly blonde hair that every girl would die for, the beautifully slim body, the pristine face. In the humans' eyes, I'd be considered 'perfect' and 'model worthy'.
I've done all I can to track and find Lilith, all to no avail. I've been told she no longer walks the Earth, that she is back in the pit. But only time will pass, and she will walk this Earth again, to torture and kill again, and when she did, you best believe I was going after her. _________________________________________________________________

I am now 224. Or, if you base off of my looks, 24. I say I'm 24 years old. What is the difference? I choose not to age, to "stay young" forever. Why? Lilith. As soon as I catch and kill her, I'll pick up aging again. Don't ask me why Roselinn(my nickname for her) chooses to stay young. Personally, I think its so she can.....hook up with guys.
That isn't the central problem, though. About a month ago, I got on a whole new level of freakitude. At least, it felt like it. I started having dreams, which may seem like nothing. At first, it was nothing. The first couple nights, I dreamed of the same thing, the same two guys, having a conversation with me and my sister. I never remembered what the converstaion was about when I woke up, but each night I knew it was the same. I blew it off. People dream of weird things all the time, and sometimes they are recurring. It wasn't until the tenth day that I didn't brush it off. I even told Roselinn about the dreams, I even drew VERY detailed pictures of the two guys.
This new developement scared me. Just WHAT is going on with me?!

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