The Hidden Bully (Orginal Short Story)

This story is totally fictional.

Chapter 1

Words hurt more

Hi, my name's Amanda. I used to have a perfectly good life. I didn't have any friends at school, but I did on Quibblo. Quibblo was this really cool website that I had found when searching for a quiz. I had lots of friends, who were really nice to me. I was really enjoying Quibblo, until the cyber bully came along.
Now most people think of a bully as someone who pushes and shoves people and cuts in line. That's probably the best kind. The worst is the kind that hurts you inside, that makes you mentally bleed, and internally depressed. The kind that just makes you want to put an end to your horrible life.
That was the situation for me. I had finally posted a picture of myself. There were lots of people commenting, but they were good comments like 'wow your pretty' or 'i'm surprised you don't have a boyfriend yet'. But then there was a mean comment, it said, 'I need sunglasses now'. I was confused so I replied back 'what's that supposed to mean?' and she replied 'because your ugliness is so blinding'.
It really hurt. I didn't want to tell anybody, because it might have been true.
I eventually forgot about it. People were asking me to put more pictures of myself, so I put a bunch of pictures of me and my family. Again there was nice comments, but in some of them were comments like 'wow your brother's gay' or 'your mom is so fat she must not fit in the house'. There were tons more. Some of them were so bad they were hidden. I started thinking they were true. They all hurt bad, and I started getting depressed. I messaged her and asked her to stop because every night I cry because of those comments, but when she replied back all she said was 'cry baby cry'. That made me more sad. At times I wouldn't want to eat or sleep. I wouldn't talk at times, and my parents were concerned. They wanted me to go to a psychiatrist but I begged them no and they finally gave in. Then I posted a picture of me and my best friend and her dog. Knowing the girl would comment, I was going to stand up and tell her to stop it. Eventually the girl commented. The comment was 'you should all go to hell'. That was the last straw. I should go to hell, I thought to myself. I'm such a horrible person, I'm so ugly and horrible.
I was going to do it. I wanted to end my terrible life. My mother was fat, my brother was apparently gay, and I was really ugly. I was going to, I had the kitchen knife in my hands, holding it up to my chest, I am so ugly, I was thinking to myself, I don't deserve to live. I should go to hell, that's were I belong.
Then a thought struck me, this was just a stupid girl on a computer, she's nothing to me, I could just unfriend her. The thought of killing myself was silly to me now, I'm not going to take my life because of one person, there are billions of others. I was happy now. The next day I deleted my Quibblo account, which made me feel more free. I told my parents all about it and they had me moved to a new school. I made two new awesome friends, and since then I've been happy.


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