Nobody Said This Was Easy.

Chapter 1

I'm Sorry. I love you all though >3

Im falling apart.

One of my best friends Zack commited suicide. Today.
He didnt tell me why. He didnt tell anyone. His 9 year old sister found him hung in his room. The last thing he texted me was about what he freaking wanted for his birthday.
I shouldve been a better friend. It shouldve been me. Im dying. I cant keep on just pretending that everything will be fine, because the truth is, life sucks.

Im not lying. Im crying. Right now.
RIP Zackari Simmons >33 I love you man >3 You are my partner. You are my family. I love you >3

If you want to message me, go for it. But I deleted all of them. And Im sorry.

And his sisters name is Brenda. Its fvcking tough having to watch a little girl fall to her knees, and cry and cry and cry. Im making a promise to Zack, that I'll be her big brother that she really didnt get much of a chance to have.
Shes mine now, and no one is ever taking that away from me. Ever.
RIP Man >3 RIP.

Nobody said it was easy.


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