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Chapter 1


Most of us have all been bullied. In fact, everyone has bullied somebody at least once in their lives, even if they didn't mean it. I know firsthand what it's like to be bullied, and I've learned exactly what to do. First of all, politely ask them to stop. You probably hear this every day, but that's what you need to do. They might not know they are hurting your feelings, and if you tell them to stop they probably will. But if they don't stop, tell somebody! How will anybody know you are getting bullied if you don't? Don't be afraid of being called a tattletale or a snitch. The only person/people who will know are the bullies. Plus, they don't have to know it was you. You can ask a teacher/parent/adult to keep who told them a secret. If you're too shy to speak up, tell your friends and they can talk to somebody. Last of all, let me tell you something about bullies. Bullies usually do not just bully for fun. They feel inferior, which means they feel "smaller" than anyone. They feel unimportant. They might get abused at home, or something else of the sort. They bully to make themselves look "bigger", more important, or do it just to make more friends. (Mean ones, mind you.) The best thing to do is be nice to them. And I don't mean giving in when they ask you for money. I mean choosing them to be helpers in school. Or make a card for them that says how special they are. There are so many ways you can prevent bullying. Caring about even just one person goes a long, long way, so be caring and be yourself in every situation!
P.S. if I win, can you please just mention me and summarize my story? I really don't care how, I just want people to know what I'm trying to say.


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