one direction quotes

Chapter 1

Funny 1d quotes

by: hkforeva
Zayn Malik: vas happening
keep calm and be a directioner
keep calm and listen to One direction
Louis Tomlinson: No! Jimmy protested!
Louis Tomlinson: I like girls who eat carrots
Niall Horan: potato
Liam Payne: spoons
Harry Styles: Get out of my kitchen
Loius Tomlinson: Screwing the light bulb, patting the dog, then going crazy(dance actions)
Louis Tomlinson: You may be be plastic, but you are fantastic
Zayn Malik: I'm afraid of water, I can't swim
Niall Horan: I'm Niall the Irish one
Liam Payne: One direction, and directioners are family, until the end!
Louis Tomlinson: Live fast,have fun,be a bit mischievous
Harry Styles: I am who I am, I can't change
Zayn Malik: Don’t call a girl a flirt,she’s just trying to be nice.Don’t call a girl obssesed when she’s just in love

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