Okay. I feel better

Chapter 1


After talking to a very special friend about why I was so angry, they manage to "slap" some sense into me. I'm not sure if I should announce their name, but either way, this person know who they are.

I didn't think I would get better in just about a day.

Maybe this is what it feels like to get help from others. Now I know how most of you guys feel when I talk to you about your issues.

Well. Now I'm a happy, sweet, kind, and friendly person again.
I will not leave. (By that, I mean not be on for no reason)

But just remember. I still go to school and I do after school stuffs, so just please be patient about me coming back.

Heroine (Bella)
I wasn't sure if I offend you or not. But remember. You'll always be my best friend. I'm never annoyed when you give me video links to Amnesia or Amnesia soundtracks or any others of the sort. Sometimes, (since we live in the same country), I wait for you to come on. I like talking to you. You're sweet, kind, funny, and very creative. Don't ever think I would never be around you for even a second. Also, you're one of the few people who are very important to me. smiles and holds my hand to your cheek Love you, Bella.

I hope you feel better. And I hope that you'll change your mind. I don't want to lose my precious Kitty. Hatter wants Kitty to stay. Please? Me loves you. We all love you. Trust me, I'm still asking to see if he can come on. Don't worry. I know that he will never forget you. hugs and kiss your cheek Love you, Kitty.

(Everyone else don't need to know who's he.)

To everyone else
Thanks for giving me support. Whether you did or didn't. And thank you for respecting I didn't want help or to be bother. But now I realize when I said that, most of you probably wanted to help me, but didn't because you respect my wish. I don't like to give out personal issues to just anybody.............But you guys can help me if you want. I'm willing to listen to all of you. But there are those who needs to gain my trust. Thank you.

P.S. I like how my profile is, so if you do happen to come across it, don't think I'm depress. I actually like how it is.


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