the zombie world of quibblo

not many survived...

Chapter 1

i need to stop talking to my dog

by: cjcj
one month ago it all started. i could never predict that zombies could become real, but they have. i used to figure if they did come, we could defend our-selves, and survive with some people i know. but that didn't work. i had company for about a week after they outnumbered us. but one after another, everyone fell. my dad and uncle sacrafised themselves to let us escape. all the women were turned after a surprise midnight attack. but i managed to save one girl until the end, the one that would never love me the way i loved her. but with the death of everyone she knew, and after she watched me shoot there undead forms, she wouldn't let herself live.
so thats how i got where i am now. riding down the highway in a jacked up ford truck. the back was filled with food, weapons, and a motorcycle. now after a while of being without humans, one tends to talk to the only living thing left... my dog. now dont get me wrong, hes a great dog. gunner, my old chocolate lab. humans seemed to be the only ones affected by the diesease.
now a little bit about myself. i would once tell about my academic accomplishment, but im not the same person. my name is cj. you don't need to know my last name. because if i am turned, you need to kill me. anyways, im much more fit then ive ever been. my tall, ginger, body is now complete with muscle. my old leadership skills have no use anymore, besides strategy to evade zombies.
now that enough about my story. im trying my best to find any survivors i can out there. one of the things that has survived is the internet. i managed to write things on a few websites, but i haven't been able to find WiFi in a while. but when i saw a small hotel that had it, i immediately checked all the websites. but i didn't see anything until i went on quibblo. i had four comments on my story. two people from Canada, one from Australia, and one from new York, i immediately messaged them all with a plan. i was heading to buffalo to meet up with a girl, while the boy and girl from Canada when to each other. i didn't know how to help the girl from Australia, so shed have to wait.

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