Quibblo is becoming something else!

aha hey!

Chapter 1

... :) ...

So like I don't know if any of you guys have noticed but Quibblo has like started to become more of like a Facebooky type of thing, although its still no where close! lol

But people are starting to make stories of like their lives! Its like making a Tweet or Status Update that isn't just 20-80 characters long but a few sentences!

And i have also noticed a becoming of class groups, god what are those called! of course the word would leave my mind at this exact moment. But anyway what i mean is like...

You have the nerds...yeah they are there. And then the losers who sadly just don't fit in, although i don't think there are many of those. And then you have the popular crowd of people. And by popular i don't mean you have the most people in your "friends list" but you are making yourself known throughout the community of little people on this site lol

And you have the normal people! But with all of this, i don't know where i stand! I mean i know some groups (word still not hitting me!) that i am definitely not a part of, but which one am i?

Hmmm...anyway...this week has been pretty awesome for me and i hope it's awesome for you guys!

I Love your sexy faces! lol
Love ya guys ;)


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