This Hard Wound

This Hard Wound

A hard year and life but death sure knows how to make it even more worse.

Chapter 1

Hollow End

No matter which way I look
Both doors are complety closed
With a heart torn deeply
Neither side reaches for me
I'm just left standing in a grave
Of the only one who loved me
I wear black inside and out
Left with the darkness
With no light strong enough
To heal a wound of blood and tears
I'm a walking zombie every night
Hungry than want eat no more
Stressed, fusterated, and just depressed
Crying like a waterfall that never run out
Always alone
I'm my only friend
I have no savior or fairy godmother
She died and every thought...
Of her underground...
Makes me breakdown hard right in the heart
Wanting to get her from down there
But to see the bones...
That would just kill me as well
Just watching the coffin close on her was do damage.


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