Live While We're Young - A Niall Horan Love Story

Name: Devon "Blue" Johnston
DOB: 14/09/1993
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Aquamarine
Height: 5'11"
Fave band/ celeb: ONE DIRECTION!!!!!/NIALL HORAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: Monaghan, Co. Monaghan, Ireland

Chapter 1

It Might Never Happen.....

Devon and London's Polyvore:

Keep calm, Devon. It might never happen. There's a one in about a hundred million chance you'll get this. Oh, I'd better explain. My best friend's cousin is Niall Horan.Niall Horan is my all time favourite celebrity in the whole wide world. He found out that I, my identical twin London and his cousin(our BFF) Cara are NUTS about One Direction, and asked us if we wanted to be extras for their new video, Live WhileWe're Young. We said yes, but about 20 other girls had said that too. They tweeted in Twitter "Going to pull out 7 names out of a hat and those seven people would be in the video." The results are coming out to day, and then next week the winners are going to meet the boys, crew, cast etc. and I couldn't sleep last night. Just then I heard the letterbox clang shut. I freeze, burning my ear with my straighteners in the process. Wincing, I slowly slide down the stair banister. I immediately see the two red envelopes with 1D stamped on the top-left-hand corner. My sister London appears from the kitchen. We look at each other, then walk slowly towards the envelopes, and I pick up the one that says, "Devon Johnston", while London picks up the one that says,"London Johnston". I open it slowly as does London. Our ma looks over our shoulders as our mouths drop open. "London!" I scream. "Devon!" she yells back. "We're going to meet One Direction!!!!" we shout in perfect timing. I perform my victory dance; a double back handspring followed by a no-hander. London gives me her killer look that says: stop showing off, Devon. I stick my tongue out at her and run upstairs to read my letter in piece.

"The letter said smart/casual." I say to Cara over the phone. "I know."(she got accepted too)" but you should go all the way casual. No one works skinny jeans and high-tops like yourself.". I grin. She ALWAYS knows how to put it in words. That's why she's my best friend. "Thanks. Soz, gotta go, see ya!!" I say, hanging up. We're meeting the boys and the other winners the day after tomorrow and we're flying out to London later on today. My suitcase is lying open. With just a couple of pairs of knickers and bras in. I take my favourite pair of purple skinny jeans of the hanger and fold them up neatly. More like roll then in a ball a drop them in. As you can probably tell, I'm not Little Miss Neat like London. As they say, we're the same but different. The only difference in appearance is that I have slightly crooked teeth and wear a retainer, while London has perfect teeth. Personalities are a different story. My nickname is Blue because I suffered depression until Cara movedhere last year. I had my sister but you'll find out why she didn't help. London's name is Red 'coz she had MAJOR anger problems as a kid and teenager. So, you see, I haven't had the best life so far. This is the best thing that happened since I got a St. Bernard puppy for my 18th birthday. Now I've got all my stuff packed. I wander into London's room to see her sitting on her suitcase to try and get it to close. "Jesus Christ, it cant be that hard to close a case that only has a dress or two, underwear and a few t-shirts in it." I say. She glares at me. "Just be cause that might be all you have in it doesn't mean everyone else does." she says with a final tug. "Whew... Hard work that was." I burst out laughing. She gives me that glare. I pull a straight face, just as a horn beeps. I grab my case and run down the stairs, London hot on my heels. I stop dead and my mouth drops open at the sight I see and so does London's as she runs into my back. I face-plant the ground . Rubbing my nose, Cara helps me up. "Wtf?" I say. She replies, "He was going this way to the airport so he's giving us a lift.". She shrugs. "It's no biggie.". I look at him again. For there in the driver's seat is none other than Nialler himself.

"Well, Cara. Aren't you gonna introduce us?" He said shaking his head. She sticks her tongue out at him. "I'm Devon." I say. "I'm London." London says. "How the hell am I going to be able to tell the difference?" he says. "Easy." I reply, pulling back my lip to reveal my retainer. "Doesn't really help though. Unless everytime you see us you get us to show our back teeth." He grins. Cara claps her hands."Shouldn't we get going? We've gotta plane to catch."

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