Zenna (Original Story)

Okay, so, here's my story! :)
i'm nervous now that you've all commented saying it sounds good, i realise i'm not the best at writing, but i enjoy it :)
i hope you like this, any constructive criticism VERY welcome :)

thank you for reading this! :)

~ Haelyn ~

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I knew I couldn't go on much longer, not alone. I needed someone with me; I looked round the classroom for people I could use for help. Only three people stuck out, they were also impossible to talk to. One of them was the most popular boy in school, he would never talk to me. Ever. The second was someone I'd never spoken to before, she looked nice, but I didn't know her, and she was the head of the school council. The third was my best friend, she was the most amazing person I knew, but she wouldn't speak to me again if I told her about me. I'd make sure she stayed away from me, for her own safety. There was one more person I knew of, he was in another class and I hardly ever got chance to speak to him, so it wasn't looking too good for me. I sighed and pouted at the thought of having to talk to, and convince, all four of them to join me.
"Zenna?" Yep, that’s my name, Zenna, I don’t dislike it, but I don’t like it too much either. I snapped out of my thoughts to see the teacher looking at me, "Yes, sir?"
"Answer my question."
I swallowed and felt my face going red, why did he always pick on me? "Can you repeat the question please?" He sighed and gave me a detention. I was always getting in trouble for not listening, but my guardian didn't mind. Both my parents are dead, though I'm told I look like my Mum with my straight, brown hair and round, green eyes.
My guardian, Kailey, she knows about me, she's the same as me. Then there's her brother Michael, he's annoying. He's two years older than me and thinks he knows everything, he's not fighting my battles though, he's not like me. I thought of both Kailey and Michael and how they look nothing like each other despite being siblings, Kailey had a mass of blonde hair and shocking blue eyes, whereas Michael has mousy brown hair and small, brown eyes.
I blinked and turned my attention back to the classoom. The teacher was red faced and I thought I could see steam coming out his ears, "Yes?"
"Were you listening to a word I was saying?"
I started to doodle on my work book just to annoy him, "No, did I miss anything important?"
He looked like he would blow up, "Zenna, don't talk to me like that."
"Like what, sir?" I saw Maizy, my best friend, give me a warning look, but as usual I pushed the teacher too far. I don't mind the detentions though, it's not really a punishment if you ask me. "Zenna, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t send you to the Head's office."
I stood up and smiled, "Of course sir. In fact, I can give you two. Number one, you will be stopping me from learning anything, and number two, she isn't in today, she's on holiday. It's the assistant head that's in charge." I few people laughed and I noticed to my delight that he smiled, that's right, the most popular guy in school smiled. I felt a slight flush settle on my face and turned to the teacher with a smirk on my face. However, the teacher wasn't too impressed, "I've had enough of your cheek, Zenna."
"I was just answering your question, and if you don't want to hear what I have to say then don't ask for me to say anything. It's simple, you get angry because you ask me to talk, and when I do talk you get even angrier so really there's no point in asking me to say anything in the first place." He was shaking now, oops, I think I took it a bit too far. Again. "GET OUT!" the whole class jumped except me, I smiled and walked out calmly, I shut the door and heard the class laughing.
I smiled and leaned against the wall, I had another fifteen minutes until the end of the lesson, after just five minutes I was sat down. I was tapping my knee when I heard the class getting up to leave, I stood up and the whole class piled out the door. No one said anything to me, they just nodded or smiled in my direction. I think I scared some of them, I’m not sure, I could be scary if I wanted to. Like that one time I got angry at the teacher, I shouted at them and scared the whole class, including the teacher. It wasn't often I got really angry, but when I do I can cause some serious damage to the person. "Zenna?" I looked and saw Maizy waving me over, I caught up with her and she whistled, "You sure went too far today." We burst out laughing and sat down in our usual spot on a bench on the edge of the field. Maizy got her lunch out and started to eat her sandwich when Taylor came over, Taylor, as in the most popular guy in the whole school, even the people older than us like him. Maizy wasn't bothered about him though, she was always so casual around boys. She smiled up at him and held up her hand in greeting, "Hey, Taylor."
He nodded at Maizy and looked at me, amusement in his eyes, "Hey, nice job with Simmons this morning." Mr Simmons is our English teacher and is the easiest one to crack, "Thanks." He smiled and I saw his girlfriend coming over, I nodded behind him and he looked round, he gave me and apologetic smile and ruffled his hair in the most adorable way, "Right, sorry. See you around."
"Bye, Taylor." Again Taylor nodded in Maizy's direction, smiled at me and went to meet his girlfriend. She was a bitch: fact. She thought she was the queen of the school; her name was Kelsey Lindsay. Her skirts were always just covering her butt and she wore a push-up, padded bra, she looked like a D cup, when really she was a B. She wore about two inches of make-up and about 3 inches of lip gloss. Her tops were always tight and revealing, but she could get away with it because she was the daughter of the richest man in the area, anything she did was okay, but if someone else did it they would get kicked out the school. I found it funny though, some day, I would make sure everyone knew how fake she was. Maizy tapped my elbow, she offered me her chocolate bar, I took it from her gratefully, I'd forgotten my lunch this morning when Michael was being an idiot.
I unwrapped it and took a small bite, it was caramel inside, my favourite. I licked the caramel off my lips and looked round, it's weird how everyone is always in groups. There's the computer nerds, the emos, the popular people a.k.a. Taylor and the slutty Kelsey and co. Then there were the skaters, the punks, the people who think their cool, when they're not, and then there's us, me and Maizy, two normal people. Oh and there was also George, he was always on his own, he didn't speak to people, and then there was also the clever people, like the head of the school council, they seemed pretty normal to me.
I finished the chocolate bar and threw the wrapper in the bin, "Zenna, listen I'm sorry but I have piano practice now, do you mind?" I shook my head, of course I minded, but I wasn't going to say anything, "No, sure. Go ahead, I'll be okay." Maizy picked up her bag and ran to the music room, I sighed and led down on the grass, enjoying the feeling of the warm sun on my skin. I ran my fingers lightly over the grass and felt a small smile play on my lips as I imagined Taylor lying next to me.

The groups of people mentioned are not meant to offend people, it's just to emphasize the divisions within Zenna's school!

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