(Seth Clearwater Love Story) Howling With The Wolves Part 1

(Seth Clearwater Love Story) Howling With The Wolves Part 1

Ur name is Lilian (Lil) Swan. Ur sixteen years old (in this Seth is 17) and u moved to Forks 3 months ago. Ur pregnant but u have told no one but Seth but will show soon. You are a were wolf but have gotten used to the vampire smell. U have moved in with ur sister Bella(who would be 25 in human years), her husband Edward and her child Renesmee (who looks 15). U are already going out with Seth and he is the father of your kid. Plz comment. Below pic~wolf u above pic~human u

Chapter 1

The Begining (plz read intro)

by: maltmad
A single blur mover through the rough barked trees. I turned my nose in the direction of the thing, sniffing for it's scent. The blur again, this time to the other side of me. I spun around again, my keen nose scenting for it, a smile crossing my wolf face. I dug my sharp claws into the rough earth and threw myself roughly forwards, following my nose. Oh, one of the good times to be a wolf. I ran past the shallow creek that ran through the forest, lept over a narled fallen down log and BAM ran head first into a warm body. We tumbled fighting for position. I eventualy wan and pinned a large sandy wolf, about the same size as me, under neath one large paw. I thought spoke to him Submit he looked at me with large dark brown eyes. He though replied to me Alright, alright I submit. I yelped happily and licked him on the muzzle before standing up. The sandy wolf stood up and licked my cheek Am I ever gonna beat you at wrestling Lil I wagged my tail happily Nope, but thats why you love me Seth he barked in laughter and touched his nose to the tip of mine. A voice suddenly apperead in both of our heads If you two are done with the loved up stuff, get over to the Cullens. Bella's waiting for Lilian there and she'll want an explanation about why she's been gone for so long We both barked a laughed Sorry Sam. We'll get right over there we looked at eachother then started to run towards the Cullens. Just at the tree line we got into seperate bushes and changed, putting on our clothes. I was wearing a small pair of demin shorts and tank top and Seth was wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a hoodie. We then walked hand in hand up to the frount door. I pushed open the door and shouted "Where my vamps at!!" a head popped out of a door "Hey Lil! Hello Seth" Alice said "You might want to get in here, Bella's panicking. Seth you may want to leave, unless you want your collar bone broken again" Seth held up his hands and said "I'm going, I'm going" he pecked me on the lips and said "See you later Lilian, okay?" I made a nodded "Deffinatly, I'm not finished with you yet" I pecked him on the lips one more time until Alice pulled me away from him with so much force that I stumbled slightly. She pushed me towards th eliving room as I heard the door closed. At least Seth would be safe. My fat eon the other hand was yet to be decided. I walked into the room with my hands in my pockets. Renesmee walked up to me an dI gave her a fleeting hug and said "Hey Nessie". Bell agave a pointed look at Edward who said "Well, I think we should all go hunting. Lets go" Edward, Renesmee, Carlise, Esme, Rosealie, Emmett and Jasper started towards the door. They were almost all out when Jasper turned around and said in his deepish voice "Alice. Come on" Alice sighed but got of the couch and walked out. They all disappered into the woods and then Bella started "Well?"
"Well what?"
"Where, were you? I've been panicking which has made Renesmee panick which has made Edward panick and I was so close to sending out a search party for you." I just shrugged and kept my head down
"Lilian, if you keep on running of with your boyfriend I may have to put a tracker on you. Your never home in time to eat, we cook just for you and sometimes Renesmee. When mum died and that was only three months ago I was put in charge of you and you act like it dosen't even matter. You act like your immune to everything. Well news flash. You're not. You know what actualy, from now on, until you understand you don't leave the house without either me or Edward. Got that?" My anger suddenly flared up "You know what? I haven't got that. You know why? Because you can't control me"
"Of course I can! I'm your legal guardian. You know what come on we're going back to the house" Bella grabbed me by the arm and started to pull me out the door. She ran through the forest while pulling me after her. Sh epushed me in the door of the cottage and grabbed my arm again pulling me into my room. As she was shunting the door she said "Don't even bother trying to get out the window, it's locked from the outside" I threw my alarm clock at her but it just bounced of the door. I screamed and buried my head in my pillow. Soon after, I'm not sure when, I fell asleep. When Iwoke up it was bright again and I had a plan. I got out of my clothes and turned into a wolf. I layed down and thought spoke Hey any one there Five voices replied to me in my head all saying the same thing Hey Lilian. From their voies I could tell it was Sam, Leah, Embry, Quil and Jared. Then another voice apperead saying Hey baby you smiled your wolfish guys and said Hey guys, any one now how to pick a lock, I've been locked in my room I gould here Sam growl Nobody tell her how to pick it or I'll make your life a misery and so will Bella everyone suddenly stopped speaking and disappered. I sighed and then realised something. I could just smash through the glass in my wolf form. I crouched down and shifted my paws about getting ready. I heard Renesmee walking down the hall calling "Auntie Lil. Mum says you need to come out for lunch. Auntie Lil?". This would be my only chance. I lept at the glass, tucked my head into my chest, closed my eyes and smashed through the glass. I rolled for a bit, then stood up and opened my eyes. I could already see the door to the cottage opening so I stood up and took off to our territory. I got there quickly and lept over the ditch and river that divided us. I turned and saw Bella, Edward, Renesmee, Alice, Jasper and Emmett standing whatching me. I stood there and howled, letting the others know I was there. I could here Emmett saying "Girls got guts Bella. Your gonna murder her when she gets back and she dosen't care" out of no where I had Sam and Embry beside me. They both growled at the vampires, warning them to keep back and on their own territory. Sam turned around and started nudging me away from them and into the trees. Not that far in the rest of the pack was waiting. I padded up to Seth and touched my nose to his and he licked my muzzle. We could both hear the rest of the pack groaning and Sam said Cut it out you two, I stood beside Seth and we were both deliberatly pushing into eachother. Sam looked at me and growled Lilian, we told you to stay with Bella. So you didn't listen to Bella. We expected that. You didn't listen to your pack members. Okay maybe we suspected that to. You didn't listen to your alpha. Some of us didn't expect that. But you didn't even listen to Seth. None of us suspected that. I just glared at Sam and barked, then thought spoke None of you would want to be locked in a house all day with nothing to do. So I used my initative. You know what you guys are as bad as Bella. I can't be dealing with this. Seth you coming or are you staying I stood up and started to pad away but stopped and waited to see what Seth's decision would be. He looked at the pack and then at me before deciding to stand up and follow me. Sam stood up an dgrowled, using his alpha voice Stop! You two stop now! This is my pack, you will listen to my rules! You will respect your alpha! You will submit to me! The will to submit to my alpha was strong but I was to angry to submit. Seth was already showing all sign's of submision and Sam seemed to expect me to submit to him as well. Well he was in for a shock. I growled at Sam, made myself taller, bared my teeth and raised my hackles at him. I snapped at the air in between us, making it obvious I had no intention of submiting. Sam seemed shocked at first but then growled at me. H ethought spoke, Lilian, you think you can take me on? You are the baby in this pack and I could easily kill you if I wanted to. Try and take me on pup and I won't be held responsible for what happens he growled at me again. I lept at him and....TBC

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