The Rapture

The Rapture.
Otherwise known as The End of the World.
When God didn't collect Aiden from the sky, she knows she's meant for something in The Rapture.
Something dangerous.
And she knows exactly, who's after her. . .

Chapter 1

Character Analysis

Name: Aiden Cipriano
Talents: Archery, guns, skills to fighting.
Looks: Long curled dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, tan, model figure.
Age: 17
Afraid Of: The devil coming for her. The Mark
Likes: Archery, lollipops, running, her dog.
Hates: Getting found, fighting, losing.
Family Collected In Rapture: Little brother, Mikey.

Name: Lucifer Star
Talents: Everything
Looks: Shaggy dark blond hair, striking green eyes, tan, muscular.
Age: As old as time
Afraid Of: Not finding her
Likes: Power
Hates: My kingdom, Her.
Family: None.

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