Looking on the bright side of things...

This is some True stories in how I look on the bright side of all things!

Chapter 1

True story!!

When I was in the doctors trying to find out about my leg (I had a tumor) I told my Mom. "If I do have Cancer maybe I'll get to meet Justin bieber!" Then my Mom replies saying "You only get a Make A Wish if you're about to pass away with cancer. Then I say "Well, you never know maybe I can still meet him!"

When My Mom died.
"Well, now when I get married I'll know how to cook!" I said to my Dad when I first started cooking dinner. "Yeah." "I'll also know how to clean, and do laundry." "Yeah, then your husband will be grateful for that". My Mom Burned water when my Parents got married.

If my tumors come back on my scans.
" If your tumors come back you'll have to get a harder dose of chemothearapy." My Dad says. "Well maybe this time I'll lose my hair!" See I hate my hair because it's always frizzy since I've got it colored so much...

My Make A Wish let down!
"We don't think Justin Bieber's going to be in Hawii next year." "Okay, then that'll give me time to think about a better wish with Justin bieber involved."

Those are some of the ways I look on the bright things. I'm wierd I know... =)


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