My Story Contest Winners!!!!!!

Sorry it took so long! There were some issues.....

Chapter 1


Okay. So. There are 3 winners, it's not 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place, it's all equal. So it's all the same prizes. The prizes are:
A story dedicated to you, recommending your writing/entry and telling people to friend you
5 stars on 5 of your stories/quizzes and a comment on each

And now.... THE WINNERS! *drumroll and trumpet horn*

Bluebiscuits aka OMG_Tom

lovelyannemarie aka ThatGirlFromDistrictTwo_

fredanddracoaremyconsorts aka I_Write_Stories

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! And if you didn't win, don't feel bad, because EVERY SINGLE ENTRY was amazing, and that is not a lie! I had a hard time choosing the winners, but there ya go. (as you can see I'm not very good at this O_O)
I hope you had fun even if you didn't win :)


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