Take Flight

Take Flight

This story is different from others, its the story of Peter Pan

Chapter 1

He Is Just A Boy~Chapter 1

I always believed in fairy-tales, true love and pirates and other worlds. You could say I like my grandmother, Wendy. When I was younger and couldn't sleep Granny would come into my room and tell me these stories about a boy who never grew old. He called himself Peter Pan

Once Upon A Time, A Story Begins

I had just turned 13, it was 1980 in Paris, France. I loved Paris and i couldn't think of living any where else. I ran to my window and opened it slightly and let in the cool fall breeze. It got quite lonely after Father left for the Army. My mom takes care of my baby sister and I. She was only a year old, still just a baby.

I took out my radio and played a few songs until I drifted off to sleep. I had dreams about fire-breathing dragons lighting up the night sky and of mermaids lurking in the depths of the vast oceans.

A buzzing sound flew around my face so i shoo-ed it away and cuddled into the warmth of my blankets. But soon I heard it again, it was become annoying. I thought it was just a fly so I turned around and faced the door.

Peter: Tink, hush! You will wake her..

My eyes snapped open. There was no defying this, i heard a boy. He was in my room. I reached under my pillow and grabbed my pair of scizzors.

When I was younger I brought a small hunting knife to protect myself from dangerous pirates but my father noticed it was gone right away and i got scolded. It was To dangerous for a little girl to carry knives...

I tighten my grip in the scizzors and jumped from my bed and pointed it at the intruder.
Myra: Stay back! I mean it, these are sharp and it will hurt you
Peter: Im sure scizzors can't cut to deep. I'm not here to hurt you, look at me.

I hadn't realized my eyes were closed
How brave..
I slowly opened them but kept my grip hard on the scizzors. My palm was starting to hurt from holding so tightly

Once I opened my eyes, I got a better look at the stranger. He was just a boy, not much older then I. He had sandy blond hair and blue eyes. They had a hint of green in them. He was charming though, if I didn't admit that I would be lying. He wasn't wearing any clothes. Just vines and leaves
Thats attractive

He put his hand over mine and lowered it, his gentleness surprised me.

Myra: Who are you?
Peter: Who are you?
He asked back, curiously
Myra: You came into my house.. What is your name?

Peter straighten up and stood brave and proud. He placed his hands firmly on his hips and look at me, boldly.

Peter: I'm Peter, Peter Pan
Then he bowed like Prince Charming in Sleeping Beauty
I also straighten up and tried to look girly-er. I held my imaginary dress and did a cute curtsy.
Myra: I am Myra Blooming. Myra was my Granny's middle name. Nice to meet you

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