Another HP Fanfic? Duh. I'm obsessed with it! Give me ideas on who should be the love interest? BTW, after a few chapters I will skip to 2nd year.

Reyna Starr:

I know in the story her appearance description is different at the beginning of Chapter 1, but read all the way to the end of the chapter :)

Chapter 1

Meeting The Dursley's

I was only 9 when I ran out of the house and made my way into central London. I was only running away from my foster parents. My real parents were missing ever since He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named disappeared. I didn't knew why, but I just know.
My foster parents hated me because they founded out I was a witch. Stupid muggles.
I ignored her and continued running until I reached Charing Cross Road and bumped into an old man.
"Oh I'm sorry mister." I aplogized.
"No worries. I'm Dumbledore." he introduced himself as he reached out his hand towards me.
"I'm Reyna." I shook his hand while looking behind my shoulder to see that nobody was there.
"Where are your parents?"
"Um. Dead?"
"Do you have any other family?"
"Not that I know of. I know I have an older brother, Jason but he disappeared." I tried not to cry.
"Why won't you come and live with some nice people I know?" he asked me.
I know your not supposed to like meet a stranger then live with them, but something inside me said to trust him. Ever since then, he was like my father. But, I stayed with many different families because Dumbledore thought Voldemort was still on the loose.

I woke up when my owl landed on the foot of the bed. Today was the day that I turned 11. I was hoping it was a birthday letter from somebody at least. But, it wasn't.

Dear Reyna,
Ever since I brought you in, you promise you owed me anything. Today was that day. So, you need to go and watch over Harry Potter and make sure that he gets his LETTER. He is staying with a family called the Dursley's. They really hate wizards and witches. So, you have to try to fit in with them.
Sincerely, Dumbledore.
P.S Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to me. I get with a family with the famous Harry Potter. But it can be tricky, they are snobby as I heard from Professor McGonagall. To make sure, I looked online and searched the Dursley's. There were a father and a mother, and a fat child. But no Harry Potter. Anyways, I just headed over to the desired address. If he's not there, I gotta make good use of this trip.

"GET THE MAIL HARRY!" Uncle Vernon shouted from the kitchen.
"When can I get out of here?" I questioned under my breath quietly so nobody can hear.
As I walked out the door, I saw a girl with dark hair and pale skin being left out by i'm guessing her sister with red hair and familiar green eyes as me in soccer.
I grabbed the mail and headed out towards her, even though I can't really exist like my Aunt said.

"Hi, I'm Harry,"
"I'm Lily Snave"
Right before I was about to tell her something, she whispered
"Can I go to your house?"
"Uh. Sure, let me see if my Aunt and Uncle will let you in."
"Your aunt and uncle? Where's your parents?" she asked me.
"Car accident."
Lily looked at me as if I was lying, but she didn't say anything until we got to the door.
"Stay here" I ordered her.
I went inside and flipped through the mail to see anything interesting.
Mr. H Potter
Under the Cupboard.
I looked at the envelope that was sent for me for a long time until Dudley grabbed it out of my hands.
"HARRY HAS GOTTEN HIS MAIL!!!" he yelled out.
"No!" I said as I chased him.
When Uncle Vernon opened up my mail, his face looked like he was about to explode. Then he put the envelope in the fireplace. My heart shrank. So, when the mail burned, a bunch of owls came with the same mail. "SHOO SHOO!" Aunt Petunia yelled at the owls. But they wouldn't go away.

I heard a knock on the door.
"Harry? Is this a bad time right now?" Lily asked.
Aunt Petunia turned to me and looked like Uncle Vernon too.
"WHO KNOWS THAT YOU EXSIST?" Aunt Petunia yelled as she opened the door. Her expression soften and for once, her voice was meaningful and caring.
"What's your name?" she asked.
"Oh. My sister was also named Lily. Where's your parents?"
"They hate me. My only family is over there. That's my sister, Petal." she said as she pointed to the girl with the same green eyes as me.
"Come on in. Sit on the couch while I talk about this with my husband."

"Look. We just keep her for a while. She reminds me of myself when I was her age."
Then there were a bunch of whisperings after that and they came out.
"Lily, you'll be staying with Harry in the new bedroom he's gonna be in."
"New room?" I questioned curiously.
"GO UPSTAIRS!" Uncle Vernon yelled at us.
As I walked to my room, Lily shut the door behind me.

She walked around me and examined me like as if I was an artifact from the museum.
"Famous Harry Potter?" she questioned
"F-famous? I'm barely. Nobody knows I exist. And, how do you know my last name." I asked her.
"Thats classified. You'll find out later."
Right after she said that, I didn't see Lily. I saw a different girl. Blonde hair, green eyes, and about the same age as me. (Lily Snave looks like the younger version of Petunia)
"Where's Lily?" I whispered.
"Right here. Except her name's Reyna. Start over again?" she reached out her hand out towards me.
"I'm Harry."
"I'm Reyna."
"So. How do you change your form like that?" I asked her absent-mindedly.
"Shhhh!" she whispered.
"I have the power to change my appearance at will, so I came all the way here from Charring, and changed my form just to watch over you so you can get your stupid acceptance letter!" Reyna said as she stomped her feet.
"Prove it." I said confidently.
She no longer was herself. She changed into... me. Did I really look that of a mess? Then Reyna changed back into herself again.
"Does that count?" she asked. I nodded.

Then at the foot of the doorway, I saw Dudley watching the whole thing happen.

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