The Otherworlders

The Otherworlders

I do not own LOTR. The pic was made by pippa_99.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The year is 2003. The day is December 19. Six teenage girls are exiting a movie theater in New Hampshire when they wish that they could be apart of Lord of the Rings (they just saw the last movie). When they wake, they are in a bar filled with small men.
The year is 1417. The day is September 23.
The world is Middle Earth.

Chapter 1


"Oh my gosh," said Emma Palanos, wiping a tear from her cheek as she spoke. "That ending was SO sad."
She and her five friends walked out of the almost empty movie theater and into the parking lot. The red neon lights from the from the theater's sign illuminated the still darkness. The girls couldn't keep quiet about the movie they had just seen.
"Em, no offense, but you're too sensitive. Sure, the ending was sad, but in real life there are no happy endings. Plus, you've read the last book like, dozens of times! You knew what would happen." Amelia Stevens told Emma. She shoved her long red bangs out of her eyes with a sigh of exasperation. She had her navy blue cell phone out and was currently changing her status.
When Emma blushed a beet red, Aura Lee, the smallest (but not the youngest) of the group, rolled her eyes. "Meles, don't be hard on Em."
"I am not!" Amelia cried. "I'm just telling her that-"
"Meles, Aura. Cut it out!" Katrina (known to her friends as Kat) Berns looked frustrated. She hated it when her friends argued and tonight she wasn't in the mood.
Both girls quit arguing and Aura said quietly "Sorry, Kat."
Kat grinned. Aura was always the one to apologize. She hated fighting almost as much as Kat.
Before Kat could respond, Myna Markstead pointed out a gray Volvo with a Canada liscence (sp?) plate. "There's your car, Violet."
Violet Hamilton led the way to her car and pressed the unlock button. The other five girls climbed in and buckled up. Violet joined them and made sure the doors were closed before she backed the car out of the parking lot.
Myna turned around in the passanger seat to face the girls, save Violet. "Guys, thanks so much for taking me to see Return of the King."
"Myna, it's your sixteenth birthday." Emma said. "It had to be special."
"Besides, we all wanted to see tis film. It's like, the greatest series of all time!" Amelia added, glancing up from her phone to look at her friend.
Everyone laughed at this exclamation before agreeing whole-heartedly. The Lord of the RIngs was their absolute favorite book and movie series ever. They always hung out at each other's homes, reading the books out loud, watching their favorite scenes in the first two movies. They practically worshipped J.R.R. Tolkein; he was their idol. They loved his creations and always wondered what he had been like before he passed away. One of their many dreams was to meet Tolkein in heaven (if that was possible).
Aura pressed her cheek against the window pane and sighed, staring out at the flashing lights and speeding vehicles on the road. It was only ten thirty so the roads were fairly busy tonight.
Emma's baby blue eyes flitted over to Aura. She teased "Whatcha thinking about? Your dream boy?"
Myna laughed. "Is he an elf?" she joked.
"Only you would be in love with an elf, Myna." Amelia smirked when Myna's face flushed. "Orlando Bloom is hot, Meles." she said shyly.
"Not as hot as Elijah Woods." remarked Emma. Amelia rolled her eyes at the youngest girl in the car. "None of them are hot. Plus, they're WAY too old for a thirteen year old girl."
Kat said "She has a point, Em." "You're just saying that; you obviously think one of them is hot too." muttered Violet.
Myna laughed and Amelia said "Ooh, burn!" Kat's face flushed. "I am not!"
"Aw, come on, guys. Leave her alone." The five girls stared at the one friend who had been silent for a while. Aura said "No teasing, 'kay?"
The others exchanged looks but agreed not to argue and tease. Emma sighed dreamily and looked out the window to her left. She was shocked to see a white light shooting across the sky. She exclaimed "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Look; a shooting star! Make a wish!"
Myna asked "Does it have to be said out loud?"
Amelia rolled her eyes and said "I dunno. Do we look like experts?"
"Hurry!" Emma said, getting annoyed. "Lets all wish for the same thing like...Lord of the Rings!"
"Good idea!" said Kat. Together, the six girls shut their eyes (except Violet who was driving) and all of them chanted "We wish we were in the world of The Lord of the RIngs. We wish we were in The Lord of the Rings." If they had opened their eyes a second before they stopped chanting, they would have seen the shooting star glow a golden color before soaring away out of sight.
The girls stopped chanting a second after the star was out of view and Emma looked up into the sky. She didn't see the star.
"Darn it! We missed it!" she said sadly. Amelia sighed. "Maybe we shouldn't have wasted our wish like that."
Right then, Violet screamed at the top of her lungs and the others stared in horror at what was so scream-worthy.
Their car was about to be hit by a sky blue Mercedes being chased by two cop cars.
Violet swerved but the blue car slammed into the Volvo at breakneck speed as she was trying to move out of harm's way. This caused the inhabitants of the Volvo to scream in terror. The two cars somersaulted off the road and the Mercedes hit a tree nearby.
The very last thing the six screaming, terrified girls saw was a brilliant white light.

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