Another World

Story written by me and babykaygrl

Chapter 1

"Say Hi to Daddy"

I walk slowly with my five children to the grounds where we are having a picnic with the Horan family.
"Daddy" two year old Alexis squeals and wriggles in my arms. I smile and look at her older siblings. My 20 year old twins Harry and Tommy stand on my left side, both of them taller than me. I look at the 16 year old triplets and smile at them. Zayn, Niall, and Liam smile back at me. Louis had insisted we name our boys after the band considering they were the biggest supporters of our rocky relationship and marriage. Harry was actually the one who had introduced us. I smile at Kennedy who is meeting us with her children. It was a double date. The Tomlinson family and the Horan family were close considering Kennedy and I have been best friends since we were girls. Harry smiles at his girlfriend, Kennedy's eldest girl, Nancy. I smile as the blonde haired girl takes the hand of my hazel eyed Louis. I turn to Louis and sit across from him after giving Kennedy a tight hug.
"Alexis, say hi to Daddy" I bounce the infant in my lap and she squeals.
"Zed" I say looking towards Zayn. He raises his eyebrows at me. "Do you want to tell everyone about Kevin?" He nods. We named him Zayn based of his shy demeanor.
"Well, I was out on the balcony playing guitar and this pigeon landed on the railing. It's been hanging around lately, but it's never gotten this close before. It started singing with me. Mum decided to name him Kevin" Zayn explains. I smile.
"Have you told them the story about how you met Lou lately" Kennedy asks. I shake my head, in a family of boys reminiscing about my love life wasn't a desired conversation.
"Please tell us Auntie Ashlyn" 16 year old Nora exclaims. I smile and close my eyes.
"Well Harry introduced us after I had a terrible break up with a previous boyfriend. Harry thought that introducing me to funny, easy going Louis, would brighten my spirits and get my mind off the... dirty word boyfriend I had broken up with. It worked" I chuckle.
"What 'dirty word' would that be Auntie Ash" Nathan, Kennedy's eldest, asks. I smirk.
"Douchebag Nathan, that guy was a douchebag" Tommy says. I snicker and Kennedy smacks him on the back of the head.
"Mum, I hear worse in school" Kael, the youngest of her bunch whines, tired of being babied at age 15.
"Doesn't mean you should have to hear it from a young man who is supposed to be a gentleman" Kennedy says. I roll my eyes, I was definitely the cooler parent.
"Can you get back to you're story now" Nora asks politely. I nod and think about it.
"Well Harry brought me to the studio that same afternoon of the break up. He introduced me to the boys and Lou was the only one who was bright and cheery. He seemed to be oblivious to my depressed aura, which is why I really didn't like him at first. By the end of the day Louis had me laughing and he had managed to get me to smile. He asked me on a date before I left and I said yes. It was amazing how quick I forgot about my ex" I smile at Louis.
"Your turn Mum, how'd you meet dad" Nancy asks. I look from Kennedy and Niall and smile. I know the story pretty well, she was also introduced to her husband by another band member.
"Mum, can I eat now" My Niall asks. Everyone chuckles, understanding the irony of his request. I hand him a sandwich from our picnic basket and turn my attention to Kennedy who takes a deep breath before beginning her story.

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