I will love you forever (an original story)

This is the story of a broken man named Nicolas Mann. Ten years ago, he lost his girlfriend, Shelby, in a robbery that he was injured during. He had never truly forgiven himself for her death and this is the story of how love CAN survive through death.

Chapter 1


I walked down to Shelby's street. She was upset about me cancelling the date from last week. Maybe tonight's dinner will change everything for us, I thought, smiling at the box that contained the engagement ring. It will be perfect! I knocked on her door and waited. A minute later, she answered it, wearing her blonde hair curly and that blue dress that made her big blue eyes pop out. "Shall we?" I asked, holding my arm out.
"We shall," she said, taking it. Le Francois, the fancy restaurant that we were going, was only two blocks from her house. Even though we had to take "the alleyway" to get there quickly, we went through without trouble. The only trouble that was there was the random people there, commented on us, from my golden curly locks and bright eyes to Shelby's wavy blonde locks and wide blue eyes, looking like they wanted to jump us. We hurried out of there as fast we can.
After what was "the best night of her life" at dinner, we went walking through the alleyway again. I had decided to propose when we reach home, but luck wasn't on our side. Two scraggly haired men walked up to the two of us.
"Give me the purse," one of them said.
"Get away from her."
"Give us the purse," the other said, taking out a gun.
"You'll have to go through me," I said. Bad choice of words. POW! The gunshot blasted through right below my chest, shattering my spine. I moaned in pain.
"Nick!" Shelby yelled. Another shot cut the air as she fell beside me. The two criminals grabbed her purse and ran off.
"Shelby, we'll get through this..." I started.
"Nick!" she cried out. She looked in pain, considering that a bullet just went through her chest.
I dialed 911 and gave them the situation while trying to keep me and Shelby living. I applied as much pressure as I can to Shelby's wound before I passed out.
I woke up in a white room. Where am I? I tried to wiggle my toes, but I found that I couldn't. Why can't I move my toes? A doctor came into my room to check up on me. "Why can't I move my toes? And how long have I been out? Where's Shelby?" I asked frantically.
"Sir, calm down," she said sadly. "You've been in a coma for three days. You lost a lot of blood... we were afraid that you weren't going to make it. Your spine was snapped by the bullet and you will never be able to walk again," she finished. I looked at her with tears in my eyes. Never going to walk again? No more morning runs with Shelby...
"What about my girlfriend, Shelby?" I asked, swallowing back my tears. I could see the doctor trying to see how to tell me whatever she knew.
"She was a fighter, I can tell you that. She almost made it, but the surgery didn't cooperate with her," she said, swallowing. I started shaking with tears and fury. Why did this have to happen to her? Why not take me instead? Dr. Saturka, as I saw her name tag, came to me and tried to calm me down.
"It's my fault that the one I love is gone! WHY?!?!?!" I bawled out. A draft filled the air as I started cursing and crying out for Shelby to come back.

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