Things to know about me

Things to know about me

Just a few things about me. x3

Chapter 1


1) I don't like to feel like I'm choosing between friends.

2) My favorite colors are Neon Green, Purple, Black, and White.

3) My favorite animals are wolves, lynxes, tigers, and foxes.

4) I dislike labels but see why people use them.

5) I like what I want to. I don't care what people think anymore.

6) I like Sleeping with Sirens, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Ready Set, P!nk, The Band Perry, Katy Perry, Paramore. a song or two by Pierce the Veil, Rihanna, Eminem, Simple Plan, and Swish and Flick (Harry Potter Wizard rock),

7) I like some Disney movie. Not many, though.

8) No matter how mature I act, I'm still a kid at heart.

9) I have a really short attention span.

10) I have anxiety problems. If I worry, don't get upset, please. It's natural.

11) I'm a very paranoid child.

12) I strongly dislike loud people. ALSO KNOWN AS PEOPLE WHO USE CAPS LOCK ALL THE TIME.

13) I also strongly dislike people who talk like this: hey i lyk yr pc.

14) Do not mix up 'you're', 'your', 'their', 'there', 'they're'.

15) When I feel unneeded, I won't tell you.

16) I'm very sensitive. One word slip and I'll already be broken.

17) I don't trust people very easily.

18) Even if I fight with them, I'll stay by my friends' sides.

19) I get attached far too easily.

20) I am bi-polar so therefore, never expect the same reaction twice.


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