Some reasons why potatoes are better than justin bieber

Hey this looked like a fun thing to do!
Oh and post the potato mark in your profile if you love potatoes:
Ik it's crappy...

Chapter 1

No offense to those who are fans of that weenie...

by: FerSure
1. Potatoes. That's a cool name. Bieber. Sounds like a fancy version of beaver.
2. Potatoes have more fans than that girl.
3. Potatoes have been cool since the beginning of times. Justina just became famous in 2010 or something
4. Epic people like potatoes. 10 year olds like Justin Bieber.
5. A potato has a more interesting life than her.
6. Katniss everdeen likes potatoes. But was it ever mentioned in the books that she's a belieber? I don't think so...
7. Potatoes are more talented than Justina.
8. My nickname."Potato_nerd", not "Justina_nerd"
9. Potatoes are more manly.
10. A potato will hit puberty before Justin does, really.

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